XXL Professional Wood Burning Set - Create Gifts Like A Pro!

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"It is a good starting kit for a beginner, easy to use. With this kit, I can do a lot of wood-burning art pieces later on. I am also happy with accessories included.”
—Gurpreet W., Nueby customer

Are you ready to take your wood-burning skills to another level of awesomeness?

Our epic wood burning set lets you do just that! Everything you need to create custom wood burnt art is included. This set is for professionals and hobbyists, alike.

Did you know that wood burnt art is extremely popular? Many people make a lucrative income buy selling their designs! Our kit can help spin your small business into overdrive. Or, it can simply help you create some cool gifts for your friends and family :)

"I hope you try this wood burner, it's really cool and easy to use. I was rushing thru this first-time burn and I'm satisfied. I can see the potential, with a little' practice I'll be burning like a pro!”
—Stacie C., Nueby customer

Includes a professional Wood Burning pen and lots of stencils
Add-Ons, attachments, and much more
High-quality metal stencils
Very easy to clean
Great to use with wood-burning practice plates
Adjustable temperature

Take your creative skills to a whole new level
Surprise family and friends with a wood burnt gift
Decorate your home
Show off your personal artistic abilities
Engrave a sweet message onto a plaque
Create memorable gifts
Create artwork that is fit for any room in your home
Helps you express yourself
Create artwork that lasts forever
An activity to share with family and friends
Beginner friendly stencils
Brings back childhood memories
Combines wood-burning with drawing
Powerful and affordable
Endless creative possibilities

Temperature Adjustable
Soldering Iron Output Power: 60W
Input Voltage: 220V/110V
Temperature Stability: 0-450 °C
Output Temperature: 0-450 °C
Copper & Iron Material

— 1 X Wood Burning Pen
— 2 X Wood Burning Tip
— 1 X Chiseled Tip
— 10 X Wood Carving Tips
— 10 X Wood Burning & Soldering Tips
— 1 X Letter Stencils
— 1 X Number Stencils
— 2 X Special Tip