Christmas/halloween Window Projector - Illuminates Your Home During The Holiday Season!

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Anyone can stick pumpkins on their porch or Christmas slights on their tress, but it takes a person who totally embraces the holiday spirit to put projected movies in their windows!

It's time to update your old, boring decorations and create a virtual winter wonderland or spooky Halloween zone right on your very windows!

Our projector features an adjustable stand so you can always get the perfect angle. The convenient one-touch switch allows you to start movies with the press of a button. Our projector is super simple to setup and use! Fits any window, both vertically or horizontally.

You'll love the bright, bold, beautiful movies that are projected onto your windows. You're literally bringing your home to life with moving holiday displays!

Full Color Movies - Full color window movie projector plays 16-second movies in your windows – perfect Christmas and Halloween decorations.

12 Movies - Create your own virtual winter wonderland playing a Christmas movie or a spectacular spooky home playing a Halloween movie – has 12 built-in movies: 6 Christmas and 6 Halloween.

Able To Paint Over - Latex and oil-based paints glide over the ointment and create a smooth and even texture

Projection Scence - 4-foot by 6-foot white translucent rear projection screen to play your outdoor movie projector Christmas and Halloween movies

House Decoration - The projector with stand projects on any window horizontally or vertically, making it the perfect tool to decorate your home effortlessly this holiday season.

How To Use:
1. Place the projector near any window in your home.
2. Add the adjustable 1.21-meter by 1.83-meter (4-feet by 6-feet) easy fit screen.
3. Select the built-in movie you want to play and start the show!

Plays 12 movies, 6 Christmas and 6 Halloween
4-foot by 6-foot white translucent rear projection screen included
Wattage Information: bulb uses < 5mW
Voltage: 110 to 240V
Works With Any Plug: US, UK, EU and AU Plug.

— Window Wonderland Projector
— 4’ x 6’ White Translucent Rear Projection Screen
— 360° Pivoting Stand
— AC Adapter