Washable Dog Potty Pad - 70x80

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“Love these pads. I have 5 chihuahuas and a miniature poodle. They use these if I can’t get them out. They work great and wash up so nicely.”
~ Shani B., Nueby customer

The Last Pad You'll Ever Need

It's time to bid farewell to soiled and wet floors, furniture, and kennels. Provide comfort for your dog and keep your home dry and free of odorous accidents.

The unique design of the Washable Dog Potty Pad incorporates multiple layers that act in tandem to prevent leaking and trap odors. Due to its softness, comfort, and distinctive design, your dog will be instinctively drawn to it. It is quite versatile.

It is ideal for toilet training, lining cages and kennels, safeguarding furniture, and placing beneath food bowls due to the durable non-toxic materials. The uses are endless!

“We used this on my bed while my dog wasn’t doing well and she would pee a lot. These pads absorbed everything and not a drop got on the bed!”
~ Genevieve D., Nueby customer

Multi-use: Not only more environmentally friendly than disposable pads, but also saving you $1,000’s compared to disposable puppy pee pads via our one time cost and countless washing durability. Plus, no more dealing with the mess of disposables throughout the day
Saves Money And Reduces Waste Vs Disposables: The connector of the weeding accessory is adjustable, it can be adjusted and fixed just by turning the screw. So it can be easily connected to any handle. It is as simple and effortless to use as mopping the floor.
Four Innovative Layers For Comfort & Absorption: This reusable pee pad features a breathable, quilted top layer for comfort, super absorbent core that traps moisture, PVC waterproof bedding shield, and non-slip safety coating.
Washable & Reusable: Machine wash safe and extra-durable, cleaning this washable pee pad is simple, fast, and effective. More importantly, with regular maintenance, it won't retain any odor or stains.

How To Use:
1. Introduce your dog to the Washable Dog Potty Pad.
2. Anticipate when they're likely to pee (soon after sleeping, playing, or eating).
3. Take them to the pad to pee and reward them with a treat.
4. Repeat until your dog starts going to the pad by themselves.
5. If your goal is to teach your dog to pee outside, gradually move the pad outside until your dog starts going out by themselves.

✓ Material: Fiber
✓ Type: Bed Mats
✓ Wash Style: Hand Wash
✓ Pattern: Bone, Paw, Dog Pattern

— 1 X Washable Dog Potty Pad