Warm Toast Gloves

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“Nifty hand warmers that'll make you crack a smile when you look at your hands as you type.”
~ Luka R., Nueby customer

The adjustable wrist straps and fingerless hand pockets ensure a secure fit that won't slip, as well as plenty of workspace. You can still type, write, and text comfortably while remaining toasty.

These charming hand warmers are the perfect work or study partners thanks to their ultra fluffy substance and very soft fabric.

They wrap their buttery softness around your hands and provide optimum comfort without getting in the way.

In the cold winter, they bring you a warm soft feeling, comfortable, fit for office workers, children.

“These warming gloves are adorable. If your hands become cold, this is a must-have. I need to be able to use a mouse to accomplish precise work, and these allow me to do so while keeping my hands warm. They're also quite cute!”
~ Felicia H., Nueby customer

One Size Fits Most: You may tighten the wrist straps and fingerless hand pockets so that your hands are snug, without the risk of them slipping. This will keep your hands toasty whether you're typing or writing, as well as while dialing.
USB Heated Gloves : Plug and play, safe and dependable USB voltage is 5V. When you have these beautiful heating gloves on, you get more than just warmth; you look fashionable too. This is a great gift for the people you love and for yourself.
Safe to Use : Safety is of paramount importance, and the built-in power protector, short circuit and overload, and overheating features on these Toast tiny hand warmer gloves help you to keep your hands protected. Made sure that products were secure.
Best Christmas Gift: Designer heated gloves, with a lovely look that can quickly warm your hands. An innovative carbon fiber heating technology is employed, together with lock temperature and rapid heating, so the cold will be driven away in a minute. In winter, it is the quickest method to warm your palms and the backs of your hands. Perfect present for people who work in offices, girls, youngsters, boys, mothers, and the elderly.

How to use:
1. Before you wash the chip, remove it.
2. It must be used by children under the supervision of adults.
3. These gloves can only be charged via USB; do not charge it via AC power.
4. When the outside temperature is below 10 degrees Celsius, use a heating pad (plug in USB power).
5. Unplug the power cable while not wearing gloves to avoid affecting the life of the heating chip, which is critical!

✓ Material: Plush Flannel
✓ Type: Hand Warmer
✓ Voltage: 5 V
✓ Power: 2.5 W

— 1 X Pair x Warm Toast Gloves
— 1 X USB Cables