Wardrobe Clothes Organizer

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“Simple, effective, what I was looking for. These are nothing fancy and they get the job done. My drawers were immediately more organized. No more digging around for loose/unhooked bra straps either.”
~ Kerry H., Nueby customer

Are you still concerned about finding a place to store your clothes? Is it difficult to reach and mess with garments and pants stored in a closet or drawer?

Using the compartment storage box, you can swiftly and neatly store your items, making them easier to find!

Get rid of the clutter and keep your closet tidy.

“I like how I can fold my leggings and yoga pants and store them upright so that I can see them all. Much better than sifting through a large bunch in my drawer to find the ones I want.”
~ Kathy R., Nueby customer

Widely Used: Underwear, socks, scarves, leggings, skirts, T-shirts, jeans, and other items can all be stored in this container. There are numerous sections for sorting and organizing your belongings as well as keeping your living area organized.

Very Practical: The storage box comes in two styles that can accommodate all of your storage needs and address the most of your daily clothing storage issues. When not in use, it can be folded to save space.

Saves Time And Space: The visible grid storage box makes it easy to take items, saving time and space, and increasing the utilization rate of the wardrobe space. It can be used in numerous layers to keep your closet and drawers nice and organized.

Premium Quality: Mesh nylon with superb craftsmanship, soft seams, and durability. It is difficult to distort and does not collapse after use.

Easy To Clean: The mesh ventilation design is sanitary and clean, effectively minimizing odor and keeping garments fresh. The edging is made of thickened oxford cloth that is robust and does not deform when washed in a washing machine.

✓ Weight: 90G
✓ Size: 6 × 25 × 20cm / 14.2 × 9.8 × 7.9inches
✓ Material: Nylon

Package Includes:
— 1 X Wardrobe Clothes Organizer