Stainless Steel Cleaner Cream - Make Your Cookware Look Like Brand New Again!

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"I have an old pan from the early 1940's and this cream totally brought it back to life. It looks brand new!"
—Barb T., Nueby customer

Stainless steel cookware looks absolutely stunning when it's in its prime. However, over time, it can become dull and dingy with much of its shine, gone!

Sure, you can buff and polish your cookware the old fashioned way, but this takes forever. Such a hassle!

We've designed a cream that allows you to skip over all of these burdensome steps! Our Stainless Steel Cleaner Cream instantly removes rust and bacteria without washing or scrubbing. No water needed!

You never have to worry about our formula harming your cookware, either. It's tough on rust, grease, stains, and lime scale but gentle on your precious stainless steel.

Our cream even removes permanent marker, scuffs, and ink spots!

Once you try our odor-free, non-toxic formula you'll never use another brand.

"You barely have to rub this cream into the cookware! It magically buffs away all signs of rust, smudges, and scratches."
—Sherman M., Nueby customer

Remove Stains: Fast and efficient removal of stainless steel surface super stubborn stains, stainless steel utensils oxidation layer and rust stains.

Appliance: Clean kitchenware(Oven, Pans,Cookware & Stove tops), yellow bath crock, door window frame, automobile wheel hub, ceramic bathroom appliance, car glass mist and so on.

Prevent Oxidation: Aluminum alloy, tin alloy appliances on oxidation of the charred dirt, doors and Windows.

Harmless To Human Body: no harm to human skin.

Easy To Use: You just need wet the sponge and rub it with the our cleaner. It takes just seconds to effortlessly polish, rinse & dry for a brilliant, mirror-like shinep>

How To Use:
1. Make sure the cookware is dry
2. Completely cover surface to be cleaned
3. Wipe gently with a rag for 2 minutes
4. Clean the paste away with water and watch the shine appear!

Pattern Type: Solid
Usage: Pan

— 1 X Cleaning Paste