Horizontal Side Mount Chicken Waterer - The 'chicks' Dig It

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"I've used a bunch of these so far and had no problems with any. They're very easy to install and none have dripped or been defective. Most of my birds had no issues learning to use them, either. Very happy!”
—Mark A., Nueby customer

When you have chickens it is important to have a watering system in place!

Your birds need fresh H2O throughout the day so they can live comfortable, happy lives that are full of egg laying. Our DIY Chicken Waterer Kit makes creating a watering system easy!

What We Suggest:

The poultry water feeder works perfectly for chickens aged 2 weeks and older. The nipples of the waterer needs a low-pressure water source. A pressure regulator must be used if connecting to household water lines. This chicken waterer is suitable for chickens at least 2 weeks old.

"It took me all of ten minutes to put a half dozen nipples on a five-gallon bucket. The hens figured out how to use them in literally 30 seconds. Two thumbs up for me because now I only have to check the water once a week!”
—Sulayman C., Nueby customer

Waterer Kit with Horizontal Side Mount Chicken Nipples

Watering nipples are a quick and easy way to keep your chickens hydrated. All that is required is the nipples and a bucket of your choice or PVC pipe. You can use any size buckets. Simply screw the nipples into the sides of the bucket or pipe and there you have it!

Your hens will access the water by tapping the solid stainless-steel trigger. This keeps their water clean and always available.

Our nipples are unique in that they are horizontal. Most waters are vertical. Horizontal nipples don't leak so you won't have any wasted water. No water is ever stored in the nipples so it won't freeze during the winter months.

Our nipples are made from high-density plastic and are extremely durable!

Our watering system allows you to keep the bucket or pipe on the ground versus being hung on the wall. Some chicken runs and buildings cannot hold the weight of a large watering system being hung up. Keeping the system on the ground makes it easier to refill and clean.

Your chickens will easily learn how to use their new watering system in no time!

Product Size: 3.5 x 3.5 x 3.5 cm
Product Weight: 0.01g/piece
Material: Polyoxymethylene (POM) and Stainless Steel

— 12 X Horizontal Side Mount Poultry Nipple