Warm Winter Reflective Fleeced Dog Jacket

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“This is an AWESOME dog jacket/sweater! My girl is a dachshund and it’s not always easy to find coats that will fit her properly. This one is perfect, and I am delighted in every way. She loves it so much, she wears it as a dinner jacket and also as PJ’s! ”
—Stella A., Nueby customer

Warm, Comfortable, And Visible

A sweater or jacket is necessary during the cold seasons, especially if your dog is reluctant to go outside in the snow to relieve himself.

On those long winter nights, nothing is more important than keeping your dog safe on those late nights or early morning treks.

Your dog needs a jacket that is warm, comfortable, and makes him or her visible in the dark.

This Warm Winter Reflective Fleeced Dog Jacket does just that and keeps your pooch looking stylish too!


"My dog actually brings one of her two fleece jackets to me when she needs to warm up, wants to go outside, or for a ride in the car. She must like the way they feel. They seem to be just the right weight for a short haired dog. There are multiple reasons that I highly recommend this Fleece Dog Coat Pet Jacket Reflective for Cold Weather: 1. the velcro is wide and holds amazingly well in spite of flexibly fitting around her chest and tum 2. it doesn't creep up to her "armpits" - stays in place and covers the length of her body 3. easy to put on, take off 4. pretty colors - we have red and blue 5. easy wash n dry 6. it doesn't loosen up or come off of her when she is rolling in the grass, stays intact 7. it isn't bulky at all. I think that's enough. We might order it in more colors!”
—Tammy K., Nueby customer

Stylish And Easy To Put On & Take Off

High-Quality Polar Fleece: Keep your beloved dogs warm and comfortable through any conditions.

Reflective Piping: Around the neck area for safety on those late nights or early morning treks.

Easy To Put On And Take Off: With convenient and secure velcro closures.

 The neckline is lined with reflective material
Warm jacket for pets that are reluctant to go outside during the cold seasons
Easy to put on and off
Ideal for walking
Made of warm and comfortable fabric
Easy to put on and off


Size (cm) Neck (cm) Chest (cm) Length (cm) Weight/pc
XS 24 32 - 44 26 0.07KG
Small 29 40 - 50 31 0.09KG
Medium 33 46 - 60 36 0.11KG
Large 38 58 - 68 39 0.15KG
XL 43 60 - 72 43 0.16KG
XXL 48 68 - 80 47 0.19KG
XXXL 53 82 - 100 59 0.27KG

Material: High-grade Polar Fleece
Care: Hand wash and hang dry

— 1 X Reflective Fleeced Dog Jacket