Rainbow Infant & Toddler Baby Pool Float with Canopy & Tail

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"I honestly loved this! It’s great because my baby can learn the basics of swimming since she’s belly down and can move legs and arms."
~ Faiza C., Nueby customer

The Rainbow Baby Floater is perfect for keeping baby safe while in the tub or pool.

Of course, this device should not be depended on as a life saving apparatus nor should it be used without adult supervision.

Actually, except for the color, the outer fabric and the shape are different, the other features of this Rainbow floater are as the same as the baby floater we are selling. It add a tail to prevent baby from slipping out of the floater. The concave part of the head pillow can make the baby's head more comfortable, and its periphery protrudes by 5cm to prevent the baby from choking water./p>

Choose A Reliable Pool Float for Your Children


"This exceeded my expectations! The first thing I noticed was how durable it was.The material is very thick, yet soft and comfortable for my LO. When she got tired she just rested on it and enjoyed floating around."
~ Sannah B., Nueby customer

Non-inflatable, Reusable: With PearlFoam technology inside, the baby pool float is non-inflatable. You don't need to inflate a float every time your kids need it. And it's reusable, just unclothe it and hang them in a cool and ventilated place to dry after use.

2 Ways of Use: The baby float has breaststroke and backstroke positions for your baby to take. Breaststroke is for 3-24 months baby, backstroke is for 3-6 months baby. It fits for baby weights from 13lb.-40lb. with chest circumference 1.7’ max.

Anti-puncture: The pool float is anti-puncture. When using in a pool, you don't need to worry about whether it's punctured and leaking somewhere, this ensures baby's safety and let you and your baby have fun without worries.

Anti-crush: The baby float can rebound quickly under heavy pressure. It will floating steadily on the water and will not sink to the surface of the water with a suitable range of baby weight.

Skin-friendly Waterproof Fabric: This non inflatable floats is wrapped of skin-friendly waterproof fabric, baby won’t feel sticky wet when using. It’s comfortable, environmental and safe to directly contact to skin, really protects your baby's smooth and tender skin.

Comfortable Headset: The concave design of the headset will be good to your baby's head shape, and this will be comfortable for your baby to stay pleasurable on the float.

Add Tail: We add a tail to the swim float, it can prevent your baby from slipping out the float. Although it's detachable, you can store it in the crotch of the float to bring.

Removable Adjustable Canopy, UV resistance: The baby float has detachable removable canopy with 3 gears to adjust. It's UPF 50+, better protecting your baby from the sun. When there is no sunshine, you can take it off to enjoy better contact in water with your baby.

Light: The baby float is very light, it is no burden for you to carry and to your kids’ using. Take it with you and your baby any time you need, it's really convenient.

Use & Warning: Please use it under the supervision of adults. The backstroke position can only be used for babies less than 6 months old. Pool float is not a substitute for life vest or lifebuoy. Do not touch sharp and corrosive objects intentionally, keep it away from the fire. Use mild detergent to wash, do not scrub, brush. Unclothe it and hang them in a cool and ventilated place to dry after use.

Size: 47*47*14
Inside Material: Pearl foam
Outer Material: Waterproof knitted elastic Pu fabric
Suitable for baby aged 3-24 months

— 1 X Rainbow Baby Floater