Ultimate Survival Pocket Chainsaw - Use It Anywhere!

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Our manual chainsaw can help you in a variety of ways.

From emergency situations to being used as part of your basic camping gear, this little tool has you covered!

The manual chainsaw is compact, lightweight, and very easy to sue. Regular-sized chainsaws are bulky, noisy, and require gasoline. None of those things apply to our Pocket Chainsaw.

This amazing tool requires barely any physical exertion on your part and you'll be amazed by how easily it slices through wood. It works so well due to its "triple sided attack" design. The blades of the chainsaw literally wrap around the tree trunk and cuts it from every angle all at one time! Plus, the bi-directional blades cut deep into the wood every time you push and pull. This saves you 50% of work time.

Swiftly Cuts Through Wood: The blades of the Pocket Chainsaw are razor-sharp. They wrap around the wood or tree trunk and cut from all sides at once.

Saves Cutting Time By 50%: The bi-directional blades cut deep into the wood every time you push and pull.

Easy To Control: This innovative chainsaw has no motor, making it very easy to use. Anyone from the elderly to older kids can effectively use this product. There's literally no struggle!

Durable: Made from 65mm rust-resistant hardened steel and is up to 4 times stronger than ordinary steel makes this manual chainsaw indestructible. Every link of the chain is reinforced with durable aluminum studs.

Self-Cleaning: The teeth of the blades are self-cleaning. This keeps your tool sharp and mess-free.

Ergonomic Grip: Designed with wide-grip webbed handles that don't harm your hands.

Compact: Folds into a 4-inch diameter wheel for easy storage when not in use. Comes with a convenient carrying/storage pouch.

Lightweight: Only weighs 6.3 ounces! Much lighter than a standard chainsaw.

Belt Loop: The storage pouch has a built-in belt loop for keeping your manual chainsaw accessible.

Material: 65nm rust-resistant hardened steel
Blade Length: 36" inches
Overall Length: 52" inches

— 1 X Chain Saw