Peanuts Crayons Set - 12 pcs

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“These crayons are sturdy and are easy for my 18-month-old to hold. We've had them for a few months now, but none of them have broken yet!”
~ Chris R., Nueby customer

Are You Prepared to Choose Gifts for Kids When the Holidays Come?

This Peanut Crayon Set Will Win Your Children's Hearts; They Will Be Overjoyed to Draw and Paint With It.

Toddlers enjoy conjuring up fantastical scenes in their heads.

All of their strokes are meant to express something. With Ultra-clean Washable Crayons, you can help little artists develop their creativity and dexterity.

“These are nice little crayons for toddlers. They aren’t great for precision. They don’t get on their hands. They don’t break easily. They’re great.”
~ Zander C., Nueby customer

Classic Coloring: Color awareness, ingenuity, and creativity are all improved with this 12/24 color crayon set. Develop children's physical and cognitive abilities through the use of color combinations. And there are crayons that are bright and vibrant. color that lasts a long time.
Non-toxic And Safe Crayons: We are concerned about our children's safety because they have a propensity of putting things in their mouths. As a result, peanut crayons must be safe. Our crayons are manufactured entirely of non-toxic natural wax that is free of soluble components like lead. asbestos. They were put through a series of tests to ensure that they met SVHC requirements.
Cute Appearance: Crayons with a fun peanut design that are simple to hold for small hands. They're great crayons for kids to get started with. the first work of art.
Great Durability: Great Durability

✓ Material: Wax
✓ Type: Crayon
✓ Size: 60 × 15 × 12MM
✓ Recommend Age: 7-12y

- 12 X Peanuts Crayons