Miracle Magnetic Therapy Posture Corrector Brace

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“I liked this posture brace immediately. From the moment I put it on, I felt myself standing taller and more erect. When you are 6'2" like I am, you spend a large portion of your life looking down at people and after awhile having your head cocked down is just your normal gait. Over time it develops into a stoop. I felt this device immediately making a difference. Most unexpected was that forcing the shoulders back gave me the feeling of even breathing easier, as pressure was reduced a wee-bit off the lungs. Nothing dramatic mind you, but noticeable. All in all, a very handy brace that is invisible under most clothing.”
—Tom M., Nueby customer

Stand A Little Taller, Feel More Confident, And Live Life Without Discomfort!

Correct poor posture and back pain with this easy-to-wear magnetic therapy posture corrector brace. Made of a stretchy neoprene blend and lined with cotton, this brace is ultra-comfortable and can even be worn under clothing for a discreet look.

The posture corrector brace features padded adjustable straps and a hook-and-loop closure that fits around the waist. Made with a breathable unisex design, the brace is comfortable and supportive for both men and women.

Whether worn sitting down at a desk, standing up at a factory job or for a long car ride, this back support gently pulls the shoulders back and aligns the spine. Its built-in magnets sit along the spine and help to promote blood circulation for all-around health.

Durable stitching ensures this posture corrector brace can last for as long as you need it to.

"I was very surprised of how easy this posture corrector was to use. It has helped me lower my back pain and it forces me really keep posture straight!!! The cool thing is that you put it on, pull the strips to your desired strength and velcro them. Thats it! Ive been able to notice how Ive been so used to bad posture that i even develop a wrong posture to breath. Ive been using it every day and i am Very happy!”
—Carrie W., Nueby customer

Designed To Train Your Body To Have Healthy Posture While In An Upright Position!

Firm Yet Comfortable Back Support: This magnetic therapy brace keeps you from slouching and helps develop a better posture with its firm and supportive construction. Padded adjustable straps pull the shoulders back while a hook-and-loop closure sits around the waist. These components work together to gently realign the shoulders, neck, and spine.

Breathable And Durable Construction: The brace is made of a lightweight and breathable neoprene blend that provides the perfect amount of stretch and support. It’s lined with cotton for less irritation on the skin when worn under clothing. Durable stitching ensures the brace is built to last.

Magnetic Support: A line of magnets sits against the spine to help provide further support, alignment, and the benefits of magnetic therapy including pain relief and blood circulation.

Easy To Wear: To use this posture support brace, simply slip the adjustable straps over your shoulders and secure the hook-and-loop closure around your waist. Place the brace under or over your clothing depending on your preference. When it’s time to freshen up, wash the brace by hand or machine.

Convenient For All: Designed to be unisex, this posture corrector can be worn by both men and women. It’s ideal for use in an office setting, factory, gym, or truck drivers and others who spend a lot of time in a vehicle. It’s even great for teenagers to help develop proper posture early on.

Improves Posture: The brace works by encouraging your muscles and spine to return to a healthy alignment.

Reduce Back Pain: Our back brace, coupled with your doctor's orders, aids in the treatment of back pain and discomfort.

Designed For Comfort: Our durable and comfortable design allows effective assistance while being comfortable to wear. Strong, yet comfortable, our brace is designed to support your back while being pleasant to wear. Made from light, breathable cotton fabric, the brace is made with care and relieves you of discomfort without making it hard for you to move.

Discreet: Our back brace fits discreetly under your clothes. Nobody will ever know you have it on!

Unisex: Made for both men and woman of all ages. Please, refer to the sizing chart below to ensure you select the right size.

Improves posture
Reduce back pain
Designed for comfort
Gently yet firmly aligns the shoulders, neck, and spine
Can be worn under clothing for a more discreet look
Magnetic therapy helps reduce pain and increase blood circulation
Unisex design
Machine Washable

Use: Posture Corrector
Target User: Adults, Students, Unisex
Material: Cotton, ABS, Neoprene, Elastic

— 1 X Miracle Magnetic Therapy Posture Corrector Brace