Lumbar Support Back Massager

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"Seriously amazing !! I have had back issues for years. Nothing major but tight sore muscles. After having my daughter I lost my arch and am not flexible no matter how much I excersize. This thing started to relieve pains within minutes. I’m laying on it now and slowly there’s a good achy relief! (Like ahhh hurts so good) lol and standing up feels better. ! Definitely recommend!”
—Brandi A., Nueby customer

Perfect For Relieving Lower Back Stress And Strain!

Stretch, massage and relieve tension in your back, right from the comfort of your own home with this safe and effective lumbar support back massager.

Constructed of durable ABS material, this back support features a curved design to match the natural curvature of your spine. It features three different levels so you can increase or decrease the intensity of the stretch.

Compact and portable, this back stretcher can be taken on-the-go for use at the office, during a long drive, or a weekend away. For optimal results, it’s best to use the back support for 5 minutes, twice a day.

With raised bumps along the length of the arch, this back stretcher also acts as a massager, loosening muscles as you stretch.

Enjoy increased relaxation, improved flexibility, corrected posture, and relief from lumbar pain, all in one small but sturdy tool.

"OMG! I have the worst back pain after being hit by a car in 2010. I had back surgery 3 years ago to relieve some of the pain and sciatica pain, and yeah it helped. This thing a miracle! I used it one time and felt like I could actually do things without whining about how much I hurt! Are you kidding me?! Obviously I am recommending this for back pain relief.”
—Brandi A., Nueby customer

Makes Stretching The Back Easy, Safe, Affordable, And Enjoyable!

Relieves Lumbar Pain: This arched back support is used to stretch the back, relax the muscles and help relieve tension in the lumbar spine. Whether you’re suffering from chronic pain or need to decompress after a long day at the office, laying or sitting with this back massager for just 5 minutes can give you the relief you need.

Improves Flexibility: Add this lumbar support to your regular exercise routine as a way to increase flexibility in your back and shoulders. Stretch before or after a workout, or add it to your yoga practice as a way to help prevent injury.

Fully Adjustable: Fully customizable to your needs and abilities, this back support has three arch settings – 6 cm, 9 cm and 11 cm. It’s easy to adjust to the height of your preference so you’re always comfortable and supported without feeling pain or discomfort.

Durable Construction: Made of strong ABS material, this back stretcher is designed to support up to 250 kg of weight. It’s high-quality and durable to last for years of use.

Small and Portable: Correct your posture and relax your muscles anywhere from your living room to your office, thanks to the compact and portable design of this back massager. Totally versatile, this tool can be used on the ground, your bed, in a chair, the seat of your car, and more.

Easy to use
Preventive care device
Multi-level adjustment arch for greater reach
3 adjustable levels
Use in a laying or sitting position
Arched back support with raised bumps to massage the muscles
Relieves tension, stretches the back and shoulders, improves flexibility, helps prevent injury and more
Compact in design & portable
High quality & durable materials
Use for 5 minutes twice a day for optimal results

How To Use:
1. Adjust to the suitable level and lay the device on the floor, bed, or chair to stretch the back muscles.

Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
Application: Back
Material: ABS

— 1 X Lumbar Support Back Massager