Ionic Filtration Shower Head - Waterfalls Of Pure, Clean Water Trickling Over Your Body

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"Best thing I've ordered in a while! Has completely changed my shower routine, and done wonders for my skin and hair. My family enjoys it as well. Wonderful gift idea.”
—Samiha E., Nueby customer

Taking a shower should be a relaxing, pleasant experience. You should exit your shower feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and most of all, CLEAN. Unfortunately, most standard shower heads are getting you dirtier than you were before entering the bath!

We'd like to introduce our amazing Ionic Shower Head to you.

This is the only shower head that actually minimize positive ions. It's unique design kills bacteria and only allows pure, healthy water to touch your hair and body.

"I love this showerhead! Where I live the water is very hard. It's hard to explain the instant difference of how the water felt, softer if that makes any sense. I will for sure be a repeat customer.”
—Uzma C., Nueby customer

Effectively eliminates fatigue and stress
Advanced laser perforated technology helps save 35% more water and increases pressure by 200%. reduces your water bill!
Modes include rainfall, jetting, and massage
Instantly purifies and filters your water
Made from high-quality, lightweight ABS materiel and polished chrome. Will not rust or ever develop leaks
Easy to disassemble and clean

How It Works:
We've placed ABS and ionic minimizing balls in the shower head. As water passes through the small balls they convert the water into a negative ionic state that helps relax both mind and body. You can easily regulate the flow of the water by a single push of a button.

Material: ABS
Finish: Chrome
Fill: Energy balls, Negative Ionic Technology, Infrared Mineral Balls
Size: 220 x 80 x 80mm

— 1 X Ionic Filtration Shower Head