Indoor Cat Hammock

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“Omg, my cats think this is the great cat shelf they sit in it for hours watching birds. Easy to set up. I add a small blanket to it for a little more comfort. I would say great price and great product.”
~ Carter M., Nueby customer

Domestic cats are not unlike their wild relatives. Both enjoy being sprawled out and soundly sleeping atop a high vantage point from where they can confidently and securely observe their surroundings.

The Indoor Cat Hammock is designed to simulate a cat's natural lounging environment, providing them with the same comfort and confidence they experience in the wild, but with all the comforts and safety of the great indoors.

Cats enjoy being elevated so they may examine their environment from a higher perspective.

This provides them with a sense of security and can significantly reduce pet anxiety while increasing pet confidence.

“My cats are always trying to lay in the windows, but they are bigger cats and they barely fit into the groove. I have a large orange male that can sun in it with no problem at all. If you have cats that love to window sun, this is a great inexpensive option that works!”
~ Carina C., Nueby customer

Passively Stimulate Your Pet: Cats, in addition to sleep, require adequate visual stimulation. Your cat will have a front-row seat to nature with the Indoor Cat Hammock, which will passively stimulate their hunter instincts and keep them amused while you're working!

Save Space: The Indoor Cat Hammock, with its sleek and simple design, can help you conserve space and decrease clutter by removing big cat furniture. This product is ideal for cat owners who live in condos or apartments, or for those who simply need a little more space in their house.

Protect Your Walls: The Indoor Cat Hammock, unlike most DIY (do-it-yourself) cat shelves, does not damage your walls and is simple to install thanks to our industrial strong suction cups!

Easy to Clean: If your cat has an accident on the Indoor Cat Hammock, unlike other cat hammocks on the market, our removable nylon-based material is water resistant and machine washable, so you and your cat will be back in action in no time!

1. Install the mainframe.
2. Put on the cloth cover.
3. Put two steel strings through the pre-made holes on cloth cover.
4. Connect frame to first 2 supporting suckers by pressing.
5. Clip string ends to the rest 2 upper pulling sucker cups.
6. Clean all suction cups and mounting surface for final installation.

✓ Material: Oxford Farbric
✓ Feature: Eco-Friendly
✓ Type: Funny Cat bed

Package Includes:
— 4 x Tubes (PVC)
— 4 x Suction Cups (PVC)
— 2 x Cords (Stainless Steel)
— 1 x Cover (Oxford Cloth)