Glucose Meter Reader

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“I’m an EMT/Firefighter and bought this to have in my kit. I also use it to test my glucose levels after fasting and eating to see how different diets affect my body. It’s easy to use. Great solid product!”
—Marvin R., Nueby customer

Testing Your Blood Sugar Is Essential To Your Present And Future Health

Easily and effectively check your blood glucose levels throughout the day with this at-home glucose meter reader.

This blood glucose meter uses a smart digital chip to read test results, making testing easier with less interference and no coding required. Simply insert the test strip to automatically turn on the device, prick your finger, and wait 9 seconds for your results.

Completely user-friendly, this blood glucose monitor features a voice option to read out the results if the large LED display is not enough. Set the date and time to also show on the LED display. When testing is done, a button on the back of the meter easily removes the strip so you do not need to touch it.

Clinically tested for high accuracy, this blood glucose monitor only needs to test 0.6 microliters of blood and can store up to 200 test results in its memory.

"This is a very nice glucose meter. Bought for my elderly mother and she was able to use it easily. Only uses a small bit of blood to test.”
—Linda K., Nueby customer

Easy To Keep Track Of Your Glucose Levels With Our High-tech Monitor

Designed for Diabetics: This blood glucose monitor is designed to make finger pricking easier for patients with diabetes. Using only 0.6 microliters of blood, the test is non-invasive and virtually painless. A smart digital chip reads the test with no coding required, and a button lets you easily remove the strip afterwards with zero contact.

Quick and Accurate Results: See or hear your results within just 9 seconds. Clinically tested and trusted by professionals, this smart blood glucose meter reader provides accurate results when used correctly.

Easy to Use: Designed for simple and effective use, this blood glucose meter features a large LED display that shows your test results, as well as the date and time. A voice option is available for those who may have trouble reading the display, and the memory holds up to 200 test results to make comparisons easy.

Hygienic Test Strip Release Ejector: Means no more handling used, soiled test strips.

Portable Design: Small and compact, this lightweight blood glucose monitor is portable so you can check your test results from anywhere. It comes with an easy-to-carry bag that can be stored in your purse or backpack for easy on-the-go testing.

Measures blood glucose levels using the mmol/L unit
Automatically turns on when test strip is inserted
Requires only 0.6 microliters of blood for accurate results in 9 seconds
Memory stores up to 200 test results
Input date and time onto the LED display
Voice option to read results out loud
Includes button to release test strips without contact

Size: 16 X 11 x 5cm
Weight: 0.2kg
Material: Medical PVC

— 1 X Glucose Meter Reader with Test Strips & Lancets
— 1 X Lancet Pen
— 1 X Carrying Case
— 1 X User Manual