Foldable Outdoor Gas Stove Wind Shield

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"I used it as a windscreen for my single burner stove and it worked great. Very sturdy and folds very flat. I really like it.”
~ Lynda H., Nueby customer

It's here! The Foldable Outdoor Gas Stove Wind Shield is finally back on our shelves after it sold out numerous times! We've decided to put this little gem on SALE

It can be a pain in the you-know-what to cook outside at the campsite when the wind is howling. Nobody wants to deal with flames being blown out by the wind when you're hungry and all you want to do is get those hotdogs cooked!

The Foldable Outdoor Gas Stove Wind Shield stops all of those shenanigans!

This amazing little camping accessory is the perfect tool for keeping winds at bay and your foods sizzling.

Right now, the Foldable Outdoor Gas Stove Wind Shield is on SALE!

Get yours HERE while supplies last.

"I got this Wind Shield to make my camping stoves more effective. It indeed is lightweight - very thin plates make this very easy to pack.”
~ Macsen G., Nueby customer

10 PCS plate design
Durable materials
Built-in pegs to ensure the windshield is fixed into the ground firmly
Shields stoves/cookers from wind
Foldable and wind tight
Save time & fuel
Included drawstring bag for convenient storage
Perfect for camping and any outdoor cooking

Size: 24cm x 8.5cm x 1.4cm (fold);
24cm x 83cm x 0.4cm (unfold)
Material: aluminum
Color: white

— 1 X Foldable Outdoor Gas Stove Wind Shield
— 1 X Carrying Bag