Fire Emergency Blanket - Keep Yourself Safe!

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"I give it to all of my family members. I love this. I feel safer knowing we all have one in each of our bedrooms. Very thick and made well.”
—Nicky W., Nueby customer

You can never be too careful in the kitchen.

Cooking fires happen all the time and unfortunately, using water often makes them worse. This Emergency Fire Blanket helps you easily control the flames in an instant. Simply toss the blanket over the fire and it's out!

You can also wrap the blanket around your body as a heat shield while trying to get to safety. This blanket is simply amazing and should be in every household.

"My wife bought this blanket and I told her it was a waste of money. Then, we had a kitchen fire and this blanker basically saved the day. I give it 5 stars!”
—Russel D., Nueby customer

Easy To Use: Kids, the elderly, EVERYONE can use this blanket

Intense Fire Protection: Wrap it around your body as a flame shield

Reusable: Blanket can be cleaned and used again

Affordable: Much more cost efficient than a fire extinguisher and doesn't require and maintenance fees

High-Quality Material: This blanket is made from fiberglass cloth that is completely flame resistant

Compact: Lightweight and easy to store. You can easily grab the blanket and use it in an instant! Place the blanket in places where a fire is more likely to start such as the kitchen, at the campsite, by the grill, and even in your car

Material: Fiberglass cloth
Size: 40' x 40' / 1 m x1 m
Color: white

— 1 X Fire Emergency-Blanket