The Original Cat Groomer - Cats Go Gaga For It!

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“My cats are constantly rubbing their faces on my legs as I walk. This gives them something else to use. We like this!”
—Nicky F., Nueby customer

Have you noticed your cat looking a little bored, lately?

Does he rub himself all over the wall or your legs? Your kitty is probably looking for a great place to get a good 'ol scratchin! We've designed a fun grooming tool that your furry friend can use all on his own.

Introducing, The Original Cat Groomer!

Your cat is going to love this amazing gadget! It simply attaches to any corner of the wall. Now, your kitty cat will have a playful place to scratch his back. It's as if you created a personal spa for your feline friend.

“My older male cat loves these corner groomers. I placed them on the legs of a dining table and he loves rubbing against it. My younger female cat uses them occasionally, but not as much. I think these are great!”
—Rhys B., Nueby customer

Self grooming station for your cat
Designed with YOUR cat's comfort and grooming needs in mind
Designed to easily mount into corners
Snap on brush is easy to install and remove for cleaning
Multiple colors are available
Specially designed bristles allow cats to clean themselves

Isn't it about time you gave your cat a spa? Forget going to the groomer and create a little piece of kitty heaven right in your very own home. Your cat will purr in delight!

Material: ABS
Feature: cat self groomer brush
Voltage: None

— 1 X Pet Comb