Window Mounted Cat Bed - Pampers Your Pet

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“What a great invention! My cat loves her cat bed in the sky, as I call it.”
—Jody C., Nueby customer

Your cat loves looking outside!

There is so much going on out there! From trees to warm sunshine, allow your kitty to safely experience it all when you use our mounted window cat bed.

Now, your cat can comfortably sleep, play, and lounge with a perfect view of the outdoors. Your kitty will love their bed with a view and so will you!

“I have 2 cats that weight about 15 pounds, each. The both enjoy snuggling up in one cat bed. The window bed holds both of them, easily.”
—Deb H., Nueby customer

Easy Set Up: The cat bed sets up in about 60 seconds. Attaches to any window.

Safe: Our window mounted cat bed allows your kitty to experience the great outdoors without actually going outside. This is a safer option for your pet.

Space Saver: Our mounted window design saves you space! The bed hangs from the window with durable suction cups that leaves your floor free and clear of kitty clutter.

Supportive: Safely holds up to 50 pounds.

Durable: Heavy-duty material and suction cups provide a secure place for your cat to "hang out".

Create A Cat Utopia: Multiple cat window mounted beds create a literal playground for your kitty to climb and rest on. Hang up 1,2,3, or more!

Installation Instructions:

Clean your window or wall well and use the suction cups to stick the bed to the surface. If you have trouble, use a little soapy hot water to create a much stronger suction.

Material: Oxford Farbric
Feature: Breathable
Type: Cats

— 1 X Cat Hammock