Cake Decorating Tool Set - Decorate Like Cake Boss!

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With different sizes and different shapes of plunger cutters, you could create more decorations on the cake, animals, flowers, butterflies.

Use the tools to cut, sculpt, build and place beautiful flower decorations on the cake.

DIY cake and cookies are in-home with families, convenient and easy to use, long-lasting, stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, non-stick, non-toxic, dishwasher safe icing tips/dispensers ideal for baking lovers.

Suitable for cake decorating and cookies baking, sugarcraft, gum paste, marzipan. Good to be used with craft clays too.

✓ This is a fantastic set for many and varied Sugarcraft needs
✓ The easy-to-use tool is perfect for the decorating beginner or seasoned pro
✓ The plunger cutter set ideal for use with a range of edible and non-edible materials
✓ Enables you to create beautiful designs for Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. occasion

How To Use The Plunger Cutter:
1. Press down firmly without pushing the plunger. Move it gently back and forth to remove the frayed edge.
2. While the plunger is still on the mat, gently press down on the plunger to add the detail from the plunger.
3. If you do not want the pattern or details, simply lift up the cutter and press the plunger to release the fondant. Easy!

✓ Type: Bakeware Sets
✓ Material: High-quality food-grade material
✓ Color: White

— 3 X Starfruit Cutter
— 3 X Carnation Cutter
— 4 X Flower Cutter
— 3 X Star Plunger
— 4 X Daisy Plunger
— 3 X Butterfly Plunger
— 3 X Sunflower Plunger
— 3 X Heart Plunger
— 3 X Leaf Plunger
— 4 X Plum Flower Plunger