Antibacterial Refrigerator Mats (8pcs)

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“Really does what it says and it also make the inside of the Fridge look very clean.All in all very nice product.Easy to Fit and Easy to clean.”
—Annie D., Nueby customer

Made with antibacterial material

Help keep your fruits and vegetables from rotting, remove foul odors from the fridge, and keep your family safe from harmful bacteria with this set of antibacterial refrigerator mats.

Made of soft EVA material that is waterproof, anti-frost, stain-resistant, washable and quick-drying, these mats are the perfect solution to rotting and bruising produce, smelly foods, and other fridge messes.

When purchased, these mats measure 45 x 29 cm, but can be cut to match the size of your preference. Use them to line your refrigerator, but also your cupboards and drawers, or as a placemat or coaster – the possibilities are endless.

Each package comes with eight handy mats to keep your kitchen covered.

"I would definitely recommend these fridge liners, they make cleaning the fridge so much easier and catch any spills to be easily wiped off.”
—Millie W., Nueby customer

Makes cleaning the fridge sooo much easier!

Antibacterial Mats: Help protect your family members from harmful bacteria lingering in your refrigerator by lining it with this pack of eight antibacterial mats. Food placed on these pads is safer, cleaner and longer lasting.

Keeps Food From Spoiling: If you’re sick of fruits and vegetables quickly spoiling, these fridge mats are the perfect solution. The innovative EVA pads help keep fresh food from rotting, bruising and smelling badly within your refrigerator.

Waterproof And Anti-Frost: Each mat is waterproof and quick-drying, making them easy to clean. Don’t fear spills and leaks, as the mats are stain-resistant. They are also anti-frost so they’re safe to use within your fridge’s crispers and freezer.

Customize Your Size: Cut the mats to match the size you require, whether you’re using them for your refrigerator, as a cabinet or drawer liner, as a table placemat, as a coaster or more.

Pack of 8 fridge mats
Made with antibacterial material
Helps stop fresh food from spoiling
Waterproof, quick-drying, anti-frost, anti-odor and stain-resistant
EVA construction
Multifunctional for use inside or outside of the fridge
Measures 45 x 29 cm (17.72 x 11.42”) and can be cut to fit your size requirements

Size: 45cm x 29cm/17.72" x 11.42"
Function: Antibacterial, anti-odor, water & oil resistant
Material: EVA Rubber
Item Weight: 320 g

— 8 X Antibacterial Refrigerator Mats