4-digit Travel Lock - Keep Your Belongings Safe & Secure While On The Go

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“This lock saved me a lot of trouble! At the airport, everyone's bags had been looted through when there was a breach in security. Not mine!”
~ Rodney P., Nueby customer

Traveling is a lot of fun but it can leave your luggage susceptible to theft if you aren't careful.

We've created a 4-digit travel lock that ensures the integrity of your luggage from point A to point B. We want your belongings to stay exactly where you've placed them.

It's hard to relax when you're heading to a vacation or business trip and your mind keeps wondering if your bags are being looted through!

No worries! Our 4-digit travel lock has you covered

“I bought this lock for a trip across the country. I never once worried about my things getting rummaged through. This lock is made from heavy-duty materials that cannot be compromised.”
~ James T., Nueby customer

Secure: 4-digit proivdes 10000 combinations that are more difficult to crack than 3-digit locks. it cannot be broken by human force, either

Durable Design: Made of zinc alloy and plated steel which is non-corrosive, weather proof, and lightweight

Protective: Keeps your belongings secure while traveling and is TSA approved

Wide Application: Our lock isn't only for luggage but can be used on school lockers, doors, vehicles, and more

Easy Installation: It is straightforward to set up your own combination.

How To Setup Combination:
1. Leave dials at 0-0-0-0 and pull out shackle.
2. Turn 90 degrees counter clockwise and press down.
3. Firmly depress shackle until it can be rotated another 90 degrees counter clockwise, so the shackle remains in the down position.
4. Set the dials from top to bottom to your personal combination.
5. Once you have selected your combination, turn the shackle clockwise back to the original 90 degrees. Lift and return shackle to closed position. Dials to lock.
6. Your lock will now open your personal combination. To change combination simply repeat procedure.Record your combination in a place for the future.

Dimensions: 82mm * 42mm * 22mm / 3.2in * 1.7in * 0.9in
Diameter Bracket: 6mm
Material: Steel and zinc alloy
Weight: 147g per unit

— 1 X Lock