18-in-1 Foldable Water Pipe Wrench

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“One tool to fix them all! This is it. I likely have >5x the cost of this one multi-tool in many tools that do the same job. It's a crafty design. Someone was thinking. It's like a masterpiece of utility in a single handle. Very impressive. It's genius.”
~ Franky G., Nueby customer

Fix under any tight areas!

No more worrying about being unable to operate in a small space, and no need to carry too many tools with you. The 18-in-1 Foldable Water Pipe Wrench is the ideal solution.

The wrench is perfect for plumbing jobs when nuts are in the most difficult to reach areas. It can fit nuts of most sizes and is very easy to use.

With the length of this tool, reaching far off spots behind sinks or toilets is much easier.

“It is well designed and manufactured tool. I bought it to remove an old stubborn faucet that I couldn't get loose with other tools. It paid for itself on the first use. For the price, it is a great tool to have in your toolbox.”
~ Robert V., Nueby customer

✓ Durable, as it is made from reinforced engineering plastics with excellent toughness and strength.
✓ Materials are added with a non-slip texture design that can also resist damage from falling.
✓ A multifunctional water pipe wrench suitable for more than 99% of nut types used in your house plumbing. You can use it to fix any loose bolts and nuts at home.
✓ The head of the wrench is made from aluminum alloy for maximum efficiency and toughness during use.
✓ The wrench is designed with a convenient double-level bubble, which is highly needed when mounting objects.
✓ Is designed with four magnets to make sure it won’t slip when fixing metal as it attaches perfectly to metal surfaces.
✓ Will give you peace of mind because you don’t need to buy another tool to do another fixing job.

✓ Type: Pipe Wrench
✓ Material: Alloy
✓ Size: 235 * 57mm/9.25*2.24''
✓ Color: Red

— 1 X 18-in-1 Foldable Water Pipe Wrench