Yoga Mat with Position Lines

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"I love this mat, it's thick enough to protect my knees but it doesn't make balancing hard. The non slip surface really works, some mats say they are non slip but when it comes to using them, your hands and feet just can't grip - this one gives you just the right amount of support. The alignment markings are so clear and I found I was using them far more than I expected to. The color is lovely and it comes with a neat little carry sling too. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a comfortable and really well made mat, it feels and looks as if it will last a long time.”
—Debbie R., Nueby customer

The Special Alignment Marking Helps You Maintain Symmetry And Nail Perfect Alignment!

Whether you’re a beginner yoga student hoping to learn the basics or an experienced yogi that needs to upgrade your training tools, this innovative yoga mat is the perfect solution.

Featuring printed position lines, the mat showcases an Aum, center line, transverse line, 45-degree line, center point and reverse point so you can easily master your poses the right way.

The mat itself is made of 6mm high-density TPE material that is waterproof and anti-slip on both sides, even while you’re sweating through a hot yoga class. The TPE is recyclable, compostable, non-toxic and odorless, making it eco-friendly and safe for your daily practice.

Though it is extra-long and thick enough to help absorb impacts, this yoga mat remains lightweight and easy to carry, especially with its included travel bag.

“Well made. Quality material. Beautiful colour. Comes with a tie string. Rolls easily. Light. Non slip. Great guide lines on the surface. I find them handy not just for yoga but also for few other types ow workouts, ie sumo squats or planks, as it gives me indication of even spacing for muscles on both sides of my body getting even treatment as I have balance issues altogether. Highly recommended.”
—Sandy N., Nueby customer

Great Gift For Yoga Lovers!

Printed Position Lines: With a high-quality print that features an Aum, center line, transverse line, 45-degree line, center point and reverse point, this yoga mat helps you learn and master poses quickly and correctly. It acts as a great training tool and is the perfect gift for someone learning to perfect their yoga practice.

High Density: Designed to help support your movements and absorb impacts, this yoga mat’s high-quality TPE material is 6mm thick. Despite this, it remains lightweight, easy to roll and to carry.

Eco-Friendly Material: The TPE construction is eco-friendly, designed to be compostable, recyclable, non-toxic and odorless. For the ultimate in safety during daily use, the yoga mat is also waterproof and anti-slip on both sides.

Easily Portable: With an included carrying bag, this yoga mat is easy to take with you from home to the studio and back again. The bag features a mesh panel for airflow to help your mat feel and smell fresh.

Eco-friendly TPE construction is non-toxic, compostable, recyclable and odorless
Waterproof and anti-slip on both sides
Printed position lines to help yogis of any level
Extra-long (72 x 24 inches)
High-density 6mm thick yoga mat
Lightweight and portable with included carrying bag

Material: Eco-Friendly TPE
Weight: 0.9kg (1.8lbs)
Size: 183 x 61cm / 72 x 24 inch

— 1 X Yoga Mat with Position Lines
— 1 X Carrying Bag