Waterproof Self-Adhesive Decorative Tape

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“Wish I'd known about this tape before attempting to seal around a new toilet installation on a small, irregular ceramic tile floor! With caulk, I was unable to achieve satisfactory results.”
~ Ethel D., Nueby customer

This Waterproof Self-Adhesive Decorative Tape has a smooth and elegant surface and provides a long-lasting seal, making it suitable for usage not only in kitchens but also as a home trim line.

You can cut the tape to your desired length. In minutes, just peel and press the self-adhesive strip to the surface. There are no complicated tools, no effort, and no waste, and it's a quick and easy alternative to traditional caulk.

It's ideal for keeping the kitchen and bathroom clean and tidy by sealing the seams of a gas stove, sink, basin, bathtub, and walls, preventing mildew and blackening.

Used to keep gaps between walls and walls dry and dust-free.

“I got this tape to make some funky addition to a mini gallery wall in my home. They are able to fulfill their purpose and I love the look of it. All in all great product and great price.”
~ Russell S., Nueby customer

Perfect Protection: Gives a polished professional look to kitchen and bath spaces by providing a long-lasting seal. For a long time, keep your house as clean and neat as if it were new.
Waterproof & Oil-Proof : Keep water and oil out of the gap between your bathtub, sink, and the floor or wall. For a final touch, apply over existing caulk.
Adhesive-Free : It's simple to peel and stick on the corner surface. There are no screws or nails, and the material is flexible for a perfect fit.
Easy to Use :Simply clean the areas, take off the tape's plastic layer from the adhesive surface, and press firmly.

How To Use:
1. Keep the surface clean and dry.
2. Remove the blue tape and wipe the sticky surface.
3. Inside, the adhesive surface is stuck, and it must be crushed while pressing.
4. It will be especially strong if you use a hair dryer or a hot air gun.

✓ Material: PU polyurethane
✓ Type: Tape
✓ Width: 8mm
✓ Length: 6m
✓ Thickness: 3mm

— 1 X Waterproof Self-Adhesive Decorative Tape