Waterproof Mobile Phone Holder

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“I use this phone mount on my road bicycle. I love how easily the phone connects to the handlebars and how easily the phone goes in and out of the mount. I would recommend this product.”
~ Diego W., Nueby customer

You probably know that too: You want to try out the new bike tour that you found on the internet with your bike, but don't feel like holding your mobile phone in your hand all the time .

This is not only cumbersome , but also extremely dangerous ! Luckily we have something for you:

Bike and motorbike mobile phone holder with quick release. To install and uninstall the phone, lock or open the quick-switch button. It only takes a second and can be done with one hand.

With our Waterproof Mobile Phone Holder, you have your navigation app in view at all times and your smartphone is also optimally protected - even from water!

"I just received the Waterproof Mobile Phone Holder and it's the nicest design yet. Sturdy and easy to put together and install on your bike's handlebars. I cannot wait to take a ride and use it.”
~ Allen B., Nueby customer

Safe: The holder protects the phone from drops, scratches, bumps and water. So you don't have to worry about raindrops while driving!
Easy to Assemble: The clip is easy to attach to the handlebars of your bike, moped, motorcycle or scooter. The holder is ready for use in just a few minutes
Everything at a Glance: The bracket can be rotated 360 degrees . So you can see your phone's screen from every angle! Perfect for navigating long journeys.
Perfect For Bike Tours: Waterproof Mobile Phone Holder️ you never have to stop again, dig your cell phone out of your pants or jacket pocket and check where you are going. Now a single look at your display is enough !

✓ Material: ABS+PVC+nylon Plus Fiber
✓ Type: Bicycle Holder
✓ Color: Black
✓ Weight: 350g

— 1 X Waterproof Mobile Phone Holder