Wall-Mounted Toilet Paper Dispenser

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"Perfect! I have one of these dispensers in every bathroom at my house.”
—Amanda F., Nueby customer

Toilet Dispenser, Storage Box, And Phone Holder

Our Wall-Mounted Toilet Paper Dispenser is both stylish and functional.

This amazing little device is more than just a toilet paper holder. It includes a small drawer for personal items like feminine napkins, tampons, jewelry, wet wipes, and more!

There's even a ledge for your phone to rest!

Decorate the top of the dispenser with a small plant or photo. The possibilities are endless.

"Very high-quality Wall-Mounted Toilet Paper Dispenser that works amazingly well. I love the phone holder and small drawer.”
—Jami J., Nueby customer

Premium Material - Constructed of ABS + PS material, ensuring environmentally-friendly, Harmless to children, durability, dependability and safety.

Dual-function Design - t is not only toilet paper tray but also the storage box. Storage at upper layer, paper holder at lower layer, dual function design To meet your different requirements.

Powerful Self Adhesive - Sticky Backing, strong adhesiveness and protects against water, provide extra strength and durability. It can carry more than 8-10kg weight. And this self adhesive toilet roll holder is easy to install and no need to drill holes in the walls, sticking on wall, door, glass and ceramic.

Built With Phone Holder Stand - The top of the toilet roll holder can hold your mobile phone, tablet, watch, wet wipes, glasses and other little gadgets when you at toilet or have a shower, very convenient and practical.

Wide Application - Suitable for smooth surfaces such as ceramic tiles, glass etc. Perfectly compatible with solid roll paper hollow roll paper kitchen paper and tissue paper. Ideal for use in bedrooms, bathrooms, study rooms, kitchens and closets etc.

Wall-mounted, need no drilling, easy to install
Comes with a self-adhesive tape
Transparent viewing window let you know when to refill paper inside
Flat top design, perfect for holding soap, mobile phone or other items
The grey part is a drawer, add more storage space
Easy to open the case with just push of a button

Hot to Install:
1. Clean your surface and make sure no debris are present
2. Wait for 24-hours for the wall to completely dry
3. Tear off protective film from dispenser
4. Stick dispenser to the wall
5. Place the toilet paper roll in the tray

Material: ABS + PS
Size: 205 x 130 x 210 mm
Weight: 735g

— 1 X Wall-Mounted Toilet Paper Dispenser