Tic Tac Tongue Game

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“Great fun game. My kids had a lot of fun with it while it lasted. They were pretty hard on it. Glad I bought it. It was fun.”
~ Vincent D., Nueby customer

Perfect game for family!

This Tic Tac tongue game is perfect for a fun family game at Christmas/Birthday party!

Forget about previous games and spend the entire day with your new best buddy. Have fun with your kids!

This game will be a hit with your grandchildren!

“My grandsons loved these. They were so much fun to watch and play with them. A great birthday present for a four-year-old.”
~ Kellan D., Nueby customer

✓ Fun board game turns family game night when you and a fellow friend lizard race to collect the most bugs.
✓ Similar to a party blower, puffing into the plastic tongue unfurls it for a quick strike.
✓ Can develop recognition, coordination, imagination and DIY ability.
✓ Whoever knocks down the correct target card first wins the game.

How To Use:
1. Put on your chameleon mask and use your chameleon tongue to swat the bugs away.
2. A game of speed, skill, and accuracy that requires rapid thinking.
3. Blowing through the mouthpiece to make your reptile tongue shoot out
4. The round is won by the first player to knock down the insect that matches the card.
5. Christmas, birthdays, and celebrations for kids

✓ Material: ABS
✓ Color: Red+Green
✓ Size: 26.5x15x6 cm
✓ Gender: Unisex

— 1 X Tic Tac Tongue Game kit