Durable Tap Drill Bits For A Job Well Done

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"I bought this set for my dad for this repairs collection. He told me that the drills were razor-sharp. Easy to drill into wood and even metal. Nice for the value for this set! Very easy to use just screw it tight and you all set to drill all you want.”
—Zackery R., Nueby customer

Drill and tap at the same time! Say, what?

Yep, it's true! Now you can hit two birds with one stone! Save time, money, and energy while improving your production rate

Our drill bits center themselves and never need center punching or assistance. Great for drilling and tapping on soft metal, aluminum plate, iron, and much more and amazing for auto repair and machinery where metric threads are specified

"These tap bits work great for my new home’ project. It makes things faster and more neat outcomes with all the bit sizes. I used it for installing my new storm door, and it was easy.”
—Felicity E., Nueby customer

Far more efficient that ultra-fine grain carbide material. Great for milling, cutting, and much more. Your work will look superior!
Great for drilling, tapping, cutting on soft metal, aluminum plate, iron, and much more
Quick change-over composite cone, uses the drill edged technique
Highly durable! Can bend without breaking
What our drill bits can do: milling, hole and panel edge, keeps a clean surface, does not malfunction

DIY Supplies: Metalworking
Attributes: Drill bit
Thread Direction: Right

— M3x 0.5 (6-32NC)
— M4x 0.7 (8-32NC)
— M5x 0.8 (10-32NC)
— M6x 1.0 (10-24NC)
— M8x 1.25 (12-24NC)
— M10x 1.5 (1 / 4-20NC)