Tabletop Fly Repellent Fan

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"This fan not only repels flies and other insects but it looks cute sitting on my picnic table. I love the holographic dots on the blades. Very cool!”
~ Joanie C., Nueby customer

Outdoor picnics and BBQs are tons of fun...except when the flies want to land all over your food! That's why every party needs a Fly Repellent Fan For The Table.

Not only are flies annoying but they are dirty and carry gross diseases.Our fan uses special technology on the blades to refract light and scare the flies back to where they came from.

The holographic dots on the blades not only keep flies away but they also deter bees, wasps, and other flying insects, too!

"I'm very happy that I bought this fly repelling fan. It works on all sorts of flying insects, even mosquitoes!”
~ Travis Q., Nueby customer

How It Works: Dots refract/bend light which keeps flying bugs away. They don't understand how to process the light in their minds and so they become scared and flee.

Keeps Flies Away From Food: Enjoy eating outdoors without flying pests being a bother! The lightweight design of the fan is easy to place on any table.

Enjoy Being Outdoors: Our fan isn't just for picnics. Use it during any outdoor activity like sunbathing, playing cards, fixing a bike, etc.

Safe & Cord-Free: If something touches the blades they come to an immediate halt! No worries of fingers or hands being harmed. The cord-free design makes this fan ultra-convenient to use. There are no chemicals to apply so this fan is odor-free and great for the environment.

Power: Two AA batteries (Batteries not included)
Size: 1.4 x 1.4 x 3.9 inches
Color: Black

— 1 X Fly Repellent Fan For The Table