SuperSharp™- Portable Pocket Sharpener

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If you’re someone who enjoys getting out on camping trips or excursions, you’ll more than likely carry a pocket knife.

A blunt pocket knife can be quite dangerous and cutting yourself on a blunt blade will cause more damage.

SuperSharp™ empowers you to hone your devices whenever and anyplace you go! It has a coarse 400 grit and a fine 600 grit surface; each with advanced diamond grit technology. The coarse surface grit will quickly restore a damaged or dull edge and the fine surface grit allows you to bring back a razor-sharp edge.

The Portable Pocket Sharpener makes the task of sharpening a dull blade effortless and fast, so you won’t be wasting your time when you really need a sharp edge.

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Product Features

Ultimate All-Purpose Sharpener: It will sharpen the toughest materials, including tool steel, carbide, and ceramics.

Ideal For Kitchen & Outdoors: Perfect for kitchen knives, scissors, garden tools, and outdoor cutting tools.

Unique Portable Folding Design: Lightweight, compact, and convenient for outdoor activities. The folding design protects the surface from damage. 


Product Specifications

- Black
- 125*32*16mm
- Titanium Plated Diamond Whetstone + ABS Black Handle 
- 100g

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