Sonic Electric Toothbrush with Standard, Soft, and Massage Modes + 4 Extra Brush Heads

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“The Sonic Electric Toothbrush is so much better than a regular toothbrush. My teeth look whiter and my gums are healthier. Two thumbs up!”
—Rhonda W., Nueby customer

Gently clean teeth and gums

Improve gum health and be on your way to perfect oral care with this effective Sonic Electric Toothbrush. It will make a super simple clean and massage your gums while reducing your chances of gingivitis.

It Has 3 Vibration Modes: Standard, Soft, and Massage mode.

The Sonic Electric Toothbrush provides delicate cleaning suitable for sensitive teeth and first time users. It's gentle yet effective to whiten teeth in just 1 week vs. a manual toothbrush.

It is the easiest way to know you'll be spending less at your next dental visit.

Our electric toothbrush sweeps away plaque giving you an amazingly effective, yet gentle clean. Get your own electric toothbrush now!

"I really love this rechargeable toothbrush. It cleans my teeth nearly as well as the dental hygienist.”
—Sandra B., Nueby customer

Superior cleaning over a standard toothbrush

Standard Mode: 31,000 vibrations per minute, deep cleansing of teeth, suitable for most people.

Soft Mode: 27,000 vibrations per minute for people with sensitive gums.

Massage Mode: Alternate vibrations at different frequencies every minute, gently massages your gums.

High Cleaning Frequency: max 31,000 times/min

Vibrating reminders help encourage the changing of brushing direction

Automatic shut-off

Long Operational Time - Charge once per 25 days

DuPont Bristles - Equipped with innovative synthetic filaments - DuPont Bristles. Perform and feels like natural hair

3 Vibration Modes - Standard, Soft, and Massage

Round Brushing Head + Arc Brushing Surface - Avoids pain and deeply cleans in hard-to-reach palces

IPX7 Waterproof - the whole body can be washed

Material: ABS raw material + Alluminum Alloy
Working Duration: About 25 Days per charge
Weight: 50g
Rated Power: 0.5w
Size: 3.70 x 9.90 x 25.40 cm

— 1 X Sonic Electric Toothbrush
— 4 X Extra Brush Heads
— 1 X Toothbrush Base
— 1 X User Manual