Super Bright Outdoors Motion Sensor Solar LED Lights

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“This came in the mail and I was so surprised at how compact it is. I was skeptical because of it but let me assure you that even though it is compact it does not lack light! The LED lights light up our whole driveway easily and since they are motion sensored it acts as security as well. The lights are adjustable so you can point them in the directions that you need.”
~ Stan N., Nueby customer

Great for the outdoors, in a garage, patio, or anywhere else you need light

The Super Bright Outdoors Motion Sensor Solar LED Lights has 14 LEDs motion sensor solar lights for outdoor security use.

The lights rotate 360°, are extremely bright, and have low power consumption on the built-in 1500mAh Lithium iron phosphate battery.

The motion sensors can detect a distance of 6 meters and a range of 360°. It will switch to bright-light mode illumination for 30 seconds When it senses motion.

"I needed something outside my backdoor so that when I let the dogs out at night I didn’t need to turn my regular back porch light on, trying to save on electricity and go more with solar energy, but I wanted it motion sensor so it wouldn’t be on all the time. I found and ordered this. It was very easy to install and set up!! I like how when it first senses motion it shines super bright, but then goes into like an energy saving mode and shines a less bright light. It is waterproof and worked just like it was described- love it and love that I’m saving energy.”
~ John L., Nueby customer

It makes an excellent garden security light
Super brightness and rotates 360°
Solar-powered and energy saving
Motion sensor and 2 modes
Waterproof and easy installation
Built-in 1500mAh Lithium iron phosphate battery
Auto brightness when someone is within 6 m
Low power consumption

Lighting Mode: OFF / DIM / Bright
PIR Sensor: 1 m – 6 m
Waterproof: IP65
LED Color: White
Solar Panel Power: 0.3W 5V/60ma
Gross Weight: 800g
Brightness: 600 lumens

— 1 X Outdoors Motion Sensor Solar LED Lights