Tennispod Smart Sensor - Perfect Your Game!

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“I use this all the time and have separate mounts on each of my rackets. I particularly like to monitor my strong topspin on forehand versus one handed backhand. This has been invaluable in improving my topspin. Also, it's incredibly useful in monitoring each separate practice serve where I can see the swing path and also get a good estimate on the overall speed of the serve.”
—Daniel L., Nueby customer

Get Real-time Data Analysis And Video Tracking!

Turn every practice into a high-performance coaching session with nothing more than your racket, smartphone and this small but mighty Tennispod Smart Sensor.

This silicone sensor fits on the end of your tennis racket, and using wireless Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, tracks your movements including speed, strength and angle – reporting them in real-time to the connected smartphone app.

Motion analysis detects explosive power, and sports statistics provide you with actionable data you can use to help improve your matches. With a video training option on the app, you can record your progress and share it with friends.

Acting as your digital tennis coach, this smart sensor guides you through moves and provides challenges for you to work on. Set targets for yourself, decode your movements, and fast-track your performance on the court.

"This has really been a help with my tennis. It tells you how you are swinging your racquet, the speed, topspin or flat... Great product and lots of fun!! ”
—Elaine B., Nueby customer

Provides You With Valuable Feedback Just Like A Human Coach!

Track Real-Time Tennis Data: This smart tennis sensor uses motion analysis to track the speed, strength and angle of your swings. This data is recorded in real-time and transferred wirelessly to a compatible app which decodes it and presents it in a way that’s easy to understand and act on.

Small and Lightweight Sensor: Fitting on the end of your tennis racket, this sensor is small, lightweight and barely noticeable when you’re on the court. Made of durable silicone and polymer, this compact sensor is designed to last. The sensor includes a built-in rechargeable battery for power that’s non-bulky.

Compatible App: Movement and sports data is recorded on the smartphone app, which is compatible for both Android and iOS. The app allows you to compare data, share your progress, leverage video, learn new skills, set targets and more.

High-Value Coaching: When used together, the sensor and app provide high-value coaching support you can use to better your performance in every match. Delivering both areas of strength and improvement, the sensor acts as a well-rounded coaching mechanism designed to help you find your competitive edge.

Small and lightweight sensor fits on the end of your tennis racket
Tracks real-time movement data
Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity
Smartphone app compatible with iOS and Android
Video mode lets you record your performance
Durable silicone and polymer construction
Built-in rechargeable battery with fast-charge USB cable
Accurate Data Monitoring
Balanced Motion Analysis
Helpful Sports Statistics
Wireless Sync Real-time Recording
Rapid Escalation Tennis Promoter
Convenient, Fast Charging

What It Does:
Analyses the motion data index
Restores real movement to get a balanced development
Sets up exercise targets
Forwards improvement suggestions
Provides data accurate data analysis

Material: Low sensitive silicone, PC polymer
Battery Charging Time: 90 minutes
Battery Working Time: 6 hours
Dimension: 30 x 10mm (Diameter x Thickness)
Weight: 6g

— 1 X TennisPOD™Smart Sensor