2-in-1 Smart Bracelet With Earphones

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“So many health monitors feature that is so helpful. I bought it mostly for the headphones but am using the other features way more. Love it!”
~ Helin B., Nueby customer

Do you need to take a call while jogging or hiking?

You won't have to worry about it with our smart bracelet because it comes with both a smart bracelet and Bluetooth earphones!

By using motion detection, heart rate detection, and a sleep monitor, the newest smart wearable technology makes your life more intelligent and healthier.

Bluetooth is used to connect the wristband to the smartphone. Simply pick up the Bluetooth earphones when the bracelet starts to ring. There's no need to answer the phone with your smartphone. Allows you to focus on workouts or improves driving safety.

"This works great! My son loves it, he uses them all the time for everything. School, riding his bike, ignoring us and his sisters.”
~ Meg D., Nueby customer

2-in-1 Smart Bracelet: Bluetooth earphones and a smart wristband are included. Allows you to answer a phone call using Bluetooth earphones rather than your smartphone. Hands-free operation improves driving safety.
Motion Detection: Real-time workout times, calories, and other data. When the wearer is exercising, whether walking, running, jogging, or participating in any other sport.
Heart Rate Detection: Your heart rate, blood oxygen level, and blood pressure are all measured. Allows you to learn about your basic health concerns and then provides guidance on how to improve your health!
Sleep Monitor: Improves sleep quality by detecting your sleeping pattern accurately, which includes fall-asleep time, light sleep time, deep sleep time, and wake-up time.
Notification Reminders: If you link your smart bracelet to your phone and there are any incoming text messages or phone calls, the smart bracelet will vibrate to inform you to reply or answer.
Safe to Wear: Anti-allergy metal that is non-irritating and safe to wear. In accordance with ergonomics, it is designed in a comfortable shape. Comfortable and close-fitting.
Water-Repellent: It has an IP44 water repellent design that can withstand high-intensity activities and withstand any weather situations. Fits well and will keep you secure during intense workouts.

✓ Weight: 0.1kg
✓ Size: 26cm x 7cm (10.2" x 0.8")
✓ Battery Capacity: 80 mAh
✓ Charging Time: About 2 hours
✓ Language System: Universal
✓ Resolution: 80 * 160
✓ Touch Method: Single touch

Package Includes:
— 1 x 2-in-1 Smart Bracelet With Earphones