SleepBand™ - Noise Canceling Headphone Sleeping Headband

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“The best sleep headphones I've used so far and I can't sleep without them!”
~ Damian W., Nueby customer

Able to sleep with my snoring husband!

Are you looking for a sleep aid that can help you fall asleep quickly, sleep longer, sleep deeper and wake up feeling refreshed?

SleepBand™ is a luxuriously soft headband and sleep mask with noise cancellation for a restful night's sleep. It has built-in headphones so can play white noise or ambient for a better night’s sleep.

SleepBand™ is lightweight, washable, hypoallergenic and made with silky soft cotton fabric that is comfortable to wear all night.


"Great for airplane travel! I’ve been using these headphones for years, particularly for airplane travel. I find these invaluable and cannot travel without them. I tried noise cancelling headphones while traveling but hated how bulky and uncomfortable they were as you can’t lay or rest on your sides. However with these, I play white noise through them and they really do block out most of the airplane noise, even screaming babies for the most part!”
~ Aaron K., Nueby customer

Great for airplane travel!

Soft and comfy sleeping headband with built-in headphones
The headband can also be as a sleep mask
Plugs right into your iPod, MP3 Player, or capable smartphone

Material: Cotton (Polar Fleece, Polyester Acrylic)
Cover: ABS, 30mm
Speaker: 3016-32 Ohm
Frequency Range: 20 to 20000Hz
Rate Power: 20MW
Maximum Power: 50MW
Sensitivity: 120 + / - 4dB
Compatibility: Devices that Have a 3.5mm Audio Out Slot
Main product dimensions: 260 x 75mm (L x W)
Cable Length: approx. 105cm
Net Weight: 40g

— 1 X SleepBand