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SleepBand™ - Noise Canceling Headphone Sleeping Headband

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“The best sleep headphones I've used so far and I can't sleep without them!”
~ Damian W., Nueby customer

Able to sleep with my snoring husband!

Are you looking for a sleep aid that can help you fall asleep quickly, sleep longer, sleep deeper and wake up feeling refreshed?

SleepBand™ is a luxuriously soft headband and sleep mask with noise cancellation for a restful night's sleep. It has built-in headphones so can play white noise or ambient for a better night’s sleep.

SleepBand™ is lightweight, washable, hypoallergenic and made with silky soft cotton fabric that is comfortable to wear all night.


"Great for airplane travel! I’ve been using these headphones for years, particularly for airplane travel. I find these invaluable and cannot travel without them. I tried noise cancelling headphones while traveling but hated how bulky and uncomfortable they were as you can’t lay or rest on your sides. However with these, I play white noise through them and they really do block out most of the airplane noise, even screaming babies for the most part!”
~ Aaron K., Nueby customer

Great for airplane travel!

Soft and comfy sleeping headband with built-in headphones
The headband can also be as a sleep mask
Plugs right into your iPod, MP3 Player, or capable smartphone

Material: Cotton (Polar Fleece, Polyester Acrylic)
Cover: ABS, 30mm
Speaker: 3016-32 Ohm
Frequency Range: 20 to 20000Hz
Rate Power: 20MW
Maximum Power: 50MW
Sensitivity: 120 + / - 4dB
Compatibility: Devices that Have a 3.5mm Audio Out Slot
Main product dimensions: 260 x 75mm (L x W)
Cable Length: approx. 105cm
Net Weight: 40g

— 1 X SleepBand


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33 reviews

Helen Pickles

Verified purchase

It is what it says, minus noise cancellation. I'm so glad the sound is reasonable, using it for YouTube etc. rather than music. Thankful there was an option without Bluetooth. It's a bit on the loose side, but can be positioned and speakers shifted within to fit snuggly over ears.

George C

Verified purchase

Very comfortable and no problem wearing all night long

Andres Correa

Verified purchase

It is a simple headband with semi-flat headphones inside. I am able to move the headphone pieces inside to adjust to my ears and I am able to sleep on my side without them interfering. The headband could be a bit softer but it does the job. It is a simple product but the functionality is there.

Edith Callaway

Verified purchase

I always like to listen to music before I fall asleep Ear buds and head phone were so uncomfortable These solvedthat problem Comfy and double as a sleep mask on airplanes when I travel I highly recommend

sharon Barlich

Verified purchase

I got this item because my husband snores and I thought it would be better than ear buds and It has works so well. Glad I got it.

Scarlett D.

Verified purchase

Works great! You do have to adjust the earpieces within the headband, but that just means anyone can make them fit.

Wina A.

Verified purchase

Wonderful travel accessory! Comfortable too!


Verified purchase

I gave as a gift to my daughter who works nights and she totally loves them for sleeping during the day.

Michelle P.

Verified purchase

Very good product very happy and it came very fast.



Verified purchase

All fits perfectly. Good headphones.

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