Seedling Easy Transplanter

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“I was dreading the job of planting the bulbs which had been given to me by a lover of tulips - a bag of 38 bulbs. I had them all planted in less than half an hour and still had energy left to pull weeds and do all the other stuff that always presents itself in any garden. Thank you a million times for this tool!”
~ Elisha H., Nueby customer

Easily plant beautiful flowers that will bring joy to your home.

Do you love gardening but hate the hassle of moving tiny plants? Well, we have just the solution for you! The Seedling Easy Transplanter is an efficient transplanting tool that makes your gardening life easier.

The bottom of the transplanter has gears that make it easy to enter the ground. This helps to quickly and effectively plant plants without damaging their roots.

This multipurpose tool is great for planting vegetables and flowers. The spring-loaded and anti-grip handles make it easy and comfortable to use for all your gardening needs.

Our transplanting garden tool is made of premium high-hardness material. It is durable, sturdy, and rust-proof. It will not become deformed even after extended use.

So why wait? Get your hands on the Seedling Easy Transplanter today and make transplanting seedlings a breeze! This helpful tool makes it easy to move your seedlings from their starter pots into the ground or larger pots, without damaging them in the process.

“This is the greatest tool I have ever had to plant bulbs. Works like a charm and measures to the perfect depth. Planted over 100 bulbs in less than 1/2 hour with a great layout pattern. Get it!”
~ Jennie C., Nueby customer

An easy way to plant beautiful flowers and vegetables.

Efficient Transplanting: The bottom of the transplanter is gear-shaped. This makes it easy to enter the ground and plant plants without damaging their roots.

Multi-purpose Tool: The Seedling Easy Transplanter is suitable for all gardening purposes, such as vegetable gardens, daffodil bulbs, lily bulbs, and dahlia bulbs, etc.

Comfortable Handle: This gardening tool is designed to be easy and comfortable to use. It has spring-loaded and anti-grip handles, making it simple for anyone to use.

Quality Material: Our easy-to-use transplanting garden tool is made of high-quality materials that make it durable and rust-free. It will not deform even after a long time.

Have a comfortable tool that makes planting a breeze.

Efficiently plant plants without damaging their roots
Great for planting vegetables and flowers
Durable, sturdy, and rust-proof
Suitable for all gardening purposes.
Easy and comfortable to use.
Be a master of your garden.
Plant plants without damaging their roots.

Material: ABS + iron
Dimension: 230*127*85mm/9.1x5x3.3
Color: Dark Green/Light Green

— 1 X Seedling Easy Transplanter