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Seed Spray Kettle - Watch Your Grass Magically Grow!

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"It's so effective that some tiny remnants inside the applicator bottle grew grass. The challenge is to keep moist. I applied during this hot Georgia Summer. I'd suggest using Spring or Fall."
~ Harvie M., Nueby customer

Are you tired of your weary looking lawn?

Do you find yourself coveting your neighbor's grass because yours looks so sad? We've got a product that will have your lawn looking BETTER than your neighbor's!

Introducing the Seed Spray Kettle! All you do is aim, spray, and wait for your lush lawn to grow in half the time it takes with other products. The Seed Spray Kettle gives you grass you can be proud of.

"The seed sprouted and was up in less than a week. We had some very heavy rains soon after I sprayed and my seed sprouted mostly in three or four spots. The plants are now 2" tall and growing well."
~ Leanne C., Nueby customer

Conditioning mixture meant for loosening up hardened soil and allowing for better absorption of water
Sprayer attaches to any standard garden hose! Takes away the guesswork by easily showing you where to spray
Amazing for areas of decreased vegetation, dog spots, and highly trafficked spots. The Spray Kettle covers a broad area of lawn
Very easy to apply! It's the perfect solution for home and business owners looking to spruce up their landscape

Weight: 284g
Material: ABS + PP
Size: 22.5 x 12 x 24cm

— 1 X Seed Spray Kettle (seeds are not included)


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17 reviews

Joanne Landers

Verified purchase

I have not used it yet, Will start in the Fall when the weather stabilizes. I bought it based on the reviews by people that had used it already.

jacques gosselin

Verified purchase

Is it ok to spray the hydrograss a rainy day

Annabel C.

Verified purchase

This worked very well. I used it in an area that gets no sun. Within 3 weeks the area was covered in grass. There's been little rain here in Atlanta, GA, and I failed to water as frequently as the directions indicated, but still the grass came in and looks great.

Robert H.

Verified purchase

We did a lot of lawn repairs last year and this product alone works well. We also used it with a lot of grass seeds to protect the other seed from birds and such. We have achieved very impressive results.

Wojciech D.

Verified purchase

This product works perfectly so long as you follow the instructions. I am writing this review 3 weeks after my purchase. All of the patches I filled now have beautifully thick grass. I did use a fertilizer every 7th day on the first watering. The key to growing grass is to keep the ground soft (1in) deep for the germination period

Daniyal E.

Verified purchase

This ACTUALLY works. We saw this as a tv commercial and joked about fixing the spots from our female dog and also from another dog that was digging in the yard. Within a month, the spots were fully grown in. I highly recommend it!

Ravinder N.

Verified purchase

Wow, this is the best. Over the years I have done a lot of grass seeding but this makes it so simple and the results are awesome. It’s very simple just do what the instructions say to do and you will have excellent results this is not rocket science.

Ria H.

Verified purchase

It really works especially since I was trying to kill weeds and accidentally bought stuff that even killed my grass, this stuff works I got grass again on all those spots where all the other stores I bought grass seeds didn't work.

Mohamed T.

Verified purchase

This method worked very well for areas in the shade at my house that all the grass had died in. I now have a full lush lawn in that area due to this product! Worked well for me.

Anjali D.

Verified purchase

Very easy to use instructions. Just attach a garden hose and spray over the intended area. Good idea to spray small patches first to get used to the spray pattern from the attachment. Shipping actually was earlier than projected by the seller which was a pleasant surprise.

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