Multi-Functional Adjustable Saw Drill Guide

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“This works wonderfully for drilling holes in glass. The bearings seem to be sealed so when I use water to cool the drill bit the glass power does not seem to bother them.”
—Ammara B., Nueby customer

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Our drill guide is designed to make your life easier by speeding up your professional, DIY, or home improvement projects. You'll get perfectly drilled holes every single time you use this tool.

This is the perfect drill bit holder saw guide for tiles, glass, fish tanks, marble, granite, ceramic, and more!

“This is an awesome invention. If you need to cut nice perfect round holes in tile, especially porcelain, this is the template to use. It worked beyond what I expected.”
—Daniele H., Nueby customer

Adjustable Hole Saw Drill Guide Jig Fixture with Suction Base
Adjustable Plate for All Sizes of Hole Saws up to 4-83mm Drill Diameters - Dual Side Plate
Removable Ball Bearings
Secure The Guide with Suction Base
Glass tile hole locator

How to Use:
1. Adjust the sliding plate for the size of the hole saw - drill bit you want to use.
2. Fix the guide using the suction base exactly where you want to drill the hole. Check the drill guide location and slider position before you start drilling. Measure - check twice and drill once.
3. Using water as a coolant, You can spray the water
4. Use the guide until the drill bit - hole saw makes an initial mark deep enough to keep the bit in position. You can remove the guide and continue drilling.
5. While drilling, keep using water to cool down the diamond drill bit - hole saw.

Size: 24cm x 13.5cm(L x W)
Material: Engineering ABS/sealed bearing
Clamping Range: 4-83mm

— 1 X Multi-Functional Adjustable Saw Drill Guide