Effective Auto Riveting Tool - Takes On The Big Jobs!

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"I've had the usual riveters but this one is really great! Especially if you plan to use it for steel rivets and for more than one job.”
—Lynden O., Nueby customer

Our innovative Auto Riveting Tool is a basic way of created a threaded hole into sheet metal, round or square tubes, and even aluminum.

Use the tool for fastening firewall additions, off-roads mods, body panels, bike attachments, and even metal sheet roofing. The possibilities are endless!

This tool truly makes installing rivets a lot easier and safer. You'll love that it is a manual device that creates accurate threaded holes for fixings that measure between M3 and M10. Equipped to easily change mandrels and nose pieces, all by hand. You'll enjoy the comfortable rubber handles that make this tool ergonomically sound.

"Extremely well-made riveting tool. Straight on the tool with Bolt cutter compound arms makes it easy to install SS rivets which can be hard for side install. Makes for a nice finished look.”
—Nadir B., Nueby customer

Designed with ergonomic rubber handle for supportive operation
Thickened handle treated by heat, shock-proof design, handle never vibrates during use
Create a threaded hole for M3 to M10 fixings
Very easy to use
Use it on sheet metal, round and square tubes, bike attachments, and more
Teeth won't slip, does not require tapping, internally threaded nut does not require welding, or riveting,
Durable and easy to operate

Power Type: Hand Riveters
Weight: 1 kg
Riveter Gun Type: Rivet Nut Guns
Usage: Home DIY

— 1 X Effective Auto Riveting Tool