Reusable Outdoor Flytrap

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"Hung this by our patio with a bait of liquid fish fertilizer (smelly) and some rotten fruit. My husband was skeptical at first but now he's telling everyone about how well it works, how many flies we've caught, and how much nicer it is to sit outside. I HIGHLY recommend this product.”
~ Ashlea A., Nueby customer

Get rid of those pesky flies fast and for good. Set it, bait it, and forget it. Those pests will leave you and your loved ones alone!

Are you fed up with flies in around your home? We have just the solution for you.

Attract the flies away from you, your family, and your horses and pets then trap them and let nature take its course.

With our incredible fly traps, it only takes a matter of weeks before the fly population in your area will start to die off leaving you fly free!

"Fill the bait bowl with sweet stuff like fruit. Watermelon, grapes, apples, etc. Throw in some lemonade or OJ, and then watch all of those bastards get stuck and die. It's beautiful. I really hate flies, which is a problem for us because we have a backyard chicken coop. These traps keep them in check like nothing else ever could.”
~ Juanita S., Nueby customer

High Quality Materials: The Reusable Outdoor Flytrap is composed of thick iron wire gauze and an environmentally safe plastic bowl. It is robust and can be hung, folded, and reused. Simple and Easy to Setup : It is possible to draw a variety of shapes, the scale is apparent, sliding is simple, the drawing is steady, it is difficult to skew, and it is simple to watch.
Non-Toxic:The non-toxic, non-radioactive, and harmless Reusable Outdoor Flytrap physically traps the insect. It's also friendly to the environment and pets.include any.
Wide Variety of Usage: Canteens, bathrooms, restaurants, slaughterhouses, garbage disposal fields, farms, farmer's markets, greening fields, gardens, and other public spaces could all benefit from the Reusable Outdoor Flytrap.

✓ Material: Iron Wire, Gauze Element, ABS
✓ Color: Green
✓ Diameter: 9.8 inch
✓ Height: 13 inch
✓ Dimensions: 9.8 x 9.8 x 13 inches

— 1 X Reusable Outdoor Flytrap