Retractable Leash & Doggy Essentials Kit

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"Lightweight and minimal resistance. My dog loves this one versus our old leash because it doesn't pull on him as much as he tries to walk away."
~ Lilli R., Nueby customer

The Retractable Leash & Doggy Essentials Kit supplies everything you need to talk your pooch on a walk.

The adorable bone-shaped bag dispenser quickly gives you a baggy for picking up doggy doo doo on the sidewalk.

Your dog will love sipping from the bowl that is included with the kit.

The retractable leash is perfect for dogs of all sizes.

"I love this. It's easy to use! My Yorkie is a puller so I attached another heavy chain to the end of it and attached it to her harness so that makes it easier to manage. I love the extra stuff the collar, the poop bags, and the little drinking cup."
~ Kim S., Nueby customer

Retractable Leash: Provides excellent pet control and allows you to determine how far away your dog is able to walk ahead of you

Ergonomic Grip: Each pet leash handle is crafted with a heavy-duty casing that holds the tear-resistant nylon leash firmly to support dog training and running

Quick Lock And Unlock Feature: Easy Roll-On and Roll-Off with your thumb due to the smart locking system

Bowl & Waste Bag Dispenser: The waste bag dispenser conveniently clips onto the handle of the retractable pet leash to free up your hands making it 100% accessible at all times. Your dog will love taking a quick sip from the included water bowl

✓ Material: Nylon
✓ Pattern: Solid Color
✓ Dog Bowl size: 13 x 9 x 5cm
✓ Dog Poop Bag Dispenser Size: 8 x 4cm
✓ Poop Bag Size: 2 x 9 x 22cm

— 1 X Retractable Leash & Doggy Essentials Kit