Resistance Bands Set

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“These resistance bands are awesome. So so durable and reliable. I was recommended by a friend who is a fitness youtuber and swears on these. I totally agree. So much you can do with these and are definitely going to tone you up even if you use them just for small resistance workouts. Love love love these bands !! Totally recommend.I love this.”
—Vicki W., Nueby customer

Perfect For Anyone Who Enjoys Working Out At Home!

Step up your fitness game with this set of five resistance bands and accessories.

Each colored band features a unique weight resistance from 10-pounds to 30-pounds, and the bands can be combined for a weight of up to 100-pounds.

This 11 pieces set of resistance bands includes a door anchor, two ankle straps, two foam-covered handles and a carrying bag for easy portability so you can bring a personalized gym with you wherever you go.

Whether you’re a personal trainer or a beginner workout enthusiast, there’s a combination that’s perfect for you.

With resistance bands and their accessories, you can enjoy a full-body workout including arms, back, chest, legs and more.

Constructed of 100% natural latex with the optimal amount of stretch, these bands are designed to resist snapping, cracks and drying out.

"The quality of the product is very high and it's very easy to use. Beginners can easily use this. It is a perfect product for exercising at home. I found the quality of the bands very good and stretchibiliy is highly impressive at this price range. Overall a very high quality product, durable and easy to use with countless benefits. I would highly recommend this to everyone who wants to stretch well.”
—Shane C., Nueby customer

Bring Your Portable And Customized Gym Anywhere!

Up To 100 lbs: With five resistance bands in this set, each of a different weight, you can combine and customize your workout to include . The yellow band is 10-pounds, red is 15-pounds, blue is 20-pounds, green is 25-pounds and black is 30-pounds.

Full Kit Included: In addition to the five bands, this fitness kit includes one carrying bag for easy portability, one door anchor, two ankle straps and two foam-covered handles, all designed to create a customized and comprehensive workout.

For Beginners to Experts: This pack of resistance bands is designed for complete versatility, perfect for anyone from a beginner to a professional. Use one or a combination of the bands, or clip all together to be used at once for a total of 100-pounds of resistance. The accessories make it easy to target different areas of your body for a complete workout.

Designed for Durability: Made from 100% natural latex material with the optimal amount of stretch, these resistance bands are designed to last. They’re double-layered for strength, durability and resistance to cracks, snapping and drying out.

Kit includes 5 resistance bands of varying weights
Yellow = 10 lbs; Red = 15 lbs; Blue = 20 lbs; Green = 25 lbs; Black = 30 lbs
Includes two foam handles, two ankle straps, one door anchor and one carrying bag
100% natural latex construction
Provides a full body workout including exercises for arms, back, chest, legs and more
Designed for beginners to professionals
Bring your portable and customized gym anywhere

Yellow: 10 LB
Red: 15LB
Blue: 20LB
Green: 25LB
Black: 30LB

— 5 X Resistance Bands
— 1 X Door Anchor
— 1 X Carrying Bag
— 2 X Foam Covered Handles
— 2 X Ankle Straps