Propane Refill Tool - Perfect For Hikers, Survivalists, & Any Outdoor Enthusiast

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“When I ordered this thing, I envisioned myself as a master of refilling propane bottles. I was starting off with empty one pound bottles and quickly refilling them with the utmost ease that others were in awe of my propane superpowers.”
~ Viktoria N., Nueby customer

If you enjoy being in the great outdoors, this little gadget is the tool for you!

Our one-of-a-kind propane refill tool is a must-have for anyone going camping, hiking, tailgating, or other outdoor extravaganza. Even caterers, fishermen, and hunters will benefit from this useful device.

When you want a hot meal and have a small grill, this propane tool will keep you in business!

“I don't know where I'd be without my refill propane tool! This thing is perfect for camping trips.My husband and I never go on an outdoor adventure without it.”
~ Sharon C., Nueby customer

Safe - The refill tool is designed with a built-in safety feature that ensures you'll never overfill your tank. The tool is built from durable, heavy material that is meant to last. When pressure is reached, the gas is automatically turned off

Easy To Install - Very easy to install and use. No tools needed!

Easy To Operate - Fits all 1 lb propane green cylinder bottles and refills very quickly

Corrosion Resistant - The 100% solid brass design will not rust or corrode in any way

Wide Application - Great for camping, tailgating, heating, cooking outdoor and so much more

Material: Stainless Steel
Structure: One-Piece
Disposable: No

— 1 X Propane Refill Tool