Portable Weeding Hook

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“The actual tool does a lovely job. I used it today and in the blazing sun, it was so nice to do the weeding quickly, efficiently, and NOT have to crawl on my hands and knees to get it done. Standing upright and walking the blade through the cracks was such a welcome change!”
~ Fahad H., Nueby customer

Save your back & remove weeds between the cracks.

Save your back & remove weeds between the cracks.

Just stick the hook into the cracks in your patio or driveway, and roll it back and forth.

No more bending! No more pulling! No more stress!

“I used it to clean up the weeds in the yard, and the effect was obvious. Very practical. It impressively pulls my arch enemy dandelion roots in their entirety. It pulls other types of weeds as well and you don't have to bend down. It can fully meet all my needs.”
~ Deanna C., Nueby customer

Quickly remove weeds: Just place the installed fissure weeder in the cracks that need to be cleaned or the corners where weeds grow, hook the weeds with the hooks of the weeding accessories, and pull them out. Scraping back and forth a few times can clean up the roots of the weeds.
Easy to Install & Use: The connector of the weeding accessory is adjustable, it can be adjusted and fixed just by turning the screw. So it can be easily connected to any handle. It is as simple and effortless to use as mopping the floor.
Ergonomic Handle: Long handle yard weeder remover keeps you upright, no longer kneel or bend down to pull the weeds off the ground at once. Just set it over a weed-infested crevice or crack in your driveway and start scraping those weeds away.
Adjustable: It is convenient and simple to use, you can choose to install the appropriate handle according to your height, so anyone from children to adults can use it comfortably without having to bend over.

✓ Material: Carbon Steel
✓ Weight: 375g
✓ Wheel Diameter: 1.97in
✓ Circle Diameter: 32mm
✓ Wheel Width: 0.91in

— 1 X Course Round End
— 1 X Sharp Hook End
— 1 X Portable Wedding hook

Note: We don't ship the handle with the order.