Portable Refillable Perfume Sprayer

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“It is so nice to travel with my favorite scents and not have to take the entire bottle. Ingenious. They are pretty too.”
~ Tia H., Nueby customer

You are going to travel! There is a long way to go, and you want to take your perfume with you!

But the problem is, the bottle is big or you're afraid it's damaged, or your bag is just small. The solution is in front of you.

Here is a Perfume Atomizer, Portable Cosmetic Liquid Container, Aluminum Mini Spray, Refillable Travel, 5ml.

Small, portable and easy to carry, moreover, it is colorful and very stylish.

“I read some of the reviews before I bought this item so I was praying that they worked and they did. I followed the instructions and the atomizers worked perfectly, no spilling at all. Great way to carry your favorite perfume without carrying the whole bottle.”
~ Kacie M., Nueby customer

High quality spray head: After more than 10,000 times of pressure test, it is durable and not glued
Display bottle background: The craftsman takes every perfume bottle seriously, and sees the quality in the details
Small and exquisite, easy to carry: Keep every moment refined at all times
Uniform and thin: Wide range of spraying

How To Use:
1.Open the perfume bottle
2. Align the lower micro-absorber with the mouth of the perfume bottle
3. Divide the bottle up and down several times to fill the perfume

✓ Capacity: 5ml/8ml
✓ Material: ABS
✓ Size:20ml
✓ Type: Refillable Bottles

— 1 X Portable Refillable Perfume Sprayer