Portable Pet Bag

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" It's perfect for my kitten. I needed it to bring him to the vet. He loved it. I was able to see him every which way and he was calm, much better than any Pet Bag I previously had!"
~ Myra K.., Nueby customer

When you're tired of having to leave your pup home you can now take them with you on all of your outings!

The Portable Pet Bag makes it possible. This fantastic bag comes in assorted colors and is perfect for the small dog or cat.

It's comfortable, safe, and pets love it! The material is durable and machine washable.

Enjoy whisking your pet away to the grocery store, vet, visiting a friend, and more! Right now, the Portable Pet Bag is on SALE!

" I bought this Portable Pet Bag for car travel, going to the vet, in stores where pets are allowed. My pet is safe and comfortable in the bag. He rides in it very well. Excellent product! "
~ Conner B., Nueby customer

The hard-sided carrier will not only give a safe and comfortable travel but also easy to check
This carrier is made of durable and lightweight.
You can take your pet to go to everywhere.
Easy to clean.
This cute, soft sided pet travel crate features an ultra-soft pet bed inside to let you take your small dogs and cats with you in stylish comfort.
Original frame when you carry it within your dogs or cats

Size Chart:

Size Bottom Length High
S 43 cm(16.9") 26cm(10.3")
M 47 cm(18.5") 28 cm (11"
L 52 cm(20.5") 35CM(13.8")

Material: Cloth
S: Bottom Length 43 cm. High 26cm
M: Bottom Length 47 cm. High 28cm
L: Bottom Length 52 cm. High 35cm

— 1 X Portable Pet Bag