Portable Oral Irrigator

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"Wow! This is like having a little spa directly in your mouth. How fun to use! My mouth has never felt cleaner.”
—Sarah E., Nueby customer

The Portable Oral Irrigator is a revolutionary product that is perfect for anyone who wants a better way to clean their teeth and mouth.

This amazing gadget is great for traveling because it is portable and compact. Using it at home is also ideal.

Right now, the Portable Oral Irrigator is on SALE!

"An exciting, innovative way to keep my teeth feeling clean and fresh. Thank you!”
—Darrell S., Nueby customer

Stable water flow design for optimal dental health care
IPX7 waterproof
High volume water tank
Long battery life

3 Cleaning Modes:
Normal (Standard Mode)
Soft (Gentle Mode)
Pulse (Massage Mode)

4 Different Nozzles:
Standard nozzle
Orthodontic nozzle
Tongue scrapping nozzle
Oral pocket nozzle

How To Use It:
1. Install the nozzle, and you will hear a "click" sound
2. Fill with clean water
3. Choose a suitable mode
4. Lean your body forward, put the nozzle into your mouth, keep your mouth closed to avoid water splashing
5. Switch on oral irrigator, align to teeth or teeth gap, wash teeth about 1 minute. (it will switch off automatically after 2 minutes)

Power Source: Rechargeable Battery
Oral Irrigator: Oral irrigator dental
Suitable User: Above 13 years old
Water Tank Capacity: 230ml
Charging Voltage: 5V
Water Tank Capacity: 230ml
Charging Method: USB charging
Material: FDA certificated ABS nozzle + food-grade PC body
Waterproof Grade: IPX7
Battery Capacity: 2200mAh lithium battery
Charging Time: 4-6 Hl
Noise Value: ≤75dB
Jets: Tongue scrapping nozzle / oral pocket nozzle
Tank: W3 pro water tank removeable

— 1 X Oral Irrigator Handle
— 1 X Standard Nozzle (1-8 Optional)
— 1 X Orthodontic Nozzle (Optional)
— 1 X Tongue Scrapping Jet (Optional)
— 1 X Oral Pocket Nozzle (Optional)
— 1 X Tongue Scraper
— 1 X USB Charging Cable
— 1 X User Manual