Portable Fetal Doppler Baby Heart Rate Monitor

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“My wife and I got this doppler as a baby shower gift and we are so excited to have it! We can hear the heartbeat of our sweet baby girl. How cool is that?”
~ James C., Nueby customer

Hear your little angel's heart loud and clear, anytime!

Hearing your unborn baby's heartbeat is the sweetest sound you'll ever hear! It used to be that you could only hear this sound from your doctor's office.

However, we've made it possible for you to hear from home. Our Fetal Heartbeat Doppler provides you with crisp, clear sounds that'll totally melt your heart!

This device makes a wonderful baby shower gift for an expectant mother or couple. Everyone loves hearing the baby's heartbeat! Little brothers and sisters find it mesmerizing and so do grandparents.

If you choose to give this as a gift, you can be sure it'll be the most unique item that the expectant mom-to-be will receive.

"I wish I would have had one of these dopplers with my first child. It's a lot of fun to use and we love letting everyone who wants to hear our unborn baby's heartbeat.”
~ Trudy W., Nueby customer

Perfect baby shower gift

This At-Home Fetal Doppler Monitor allows you to listen to your baby's heart at home simply by putting it on your belly. The signal of your baby's heart is clear and easy to differentiate from yours.

It creates amazing family moments and provides peace of mind when you need it. It's certified and 100% safe to use. A perfect gift for yourself and your pregnant friends.

Peace Of Mind During Pregnancy: Pregnancy can be a very stressful period and we all know that. The only thing that can calm you is to know that your unborn baby is doing fine! And now, you can achieve that in the luxury of your own home, anytime you want! This incredible Fetal Doppler Monitor is going to help you listen to every heartbeat of your special little one and have the peace of mind that everything is ok!

Safe and Non-Invasive: This unique unborn baby listening device is 100% safe and non-invasive. All you have to do is touch it to your belly and start listening to the funny and adorable sounds that your precious baby makes. Every hiccup, kick or heartbeat will be clearly audible.

Ideal Gift: Give a loved one the gift of hearing their baby's sounds in the womb.

Compact and lightweight
Ergonomic design
Safe and easy to use
Crystal clear design

How To Use:
1. Lie flat with a cushion pillow and keep your legs straight and relaxed.
2. Rub gel or water to the lower area of the stomach.
3. Turn the doppler on and slowly — really slowly — move it around until you can hear the heartbeat.
4. The earlier it is in your pregnancy, the lower you'll likely have to go. Try below your belly button.
5. Be aware that you'll also hear your own heartbeat and the pulse of an artery.

CE approved
Display Screen: LCD
Ultrasound Frequency 2MHz
Size: 14 x 7.8 x 5.7cm
Weight: 131g

— 1 X Portable Fetal Doppler Baby Heart Rate Monitor
— 1 X User Manual